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Anwone Fisher wrote this movie himself.

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Is the movie Antwone Fisher based on the rapper Antwone Fisher?

NO it is not i have seen the movie and it is not i am doing because i am board

What is the birth name of Antwone Fisher?

Antwone Fisher's birth name is Antwone Quenton Fisher.

What actor starred in the Antwone Fisher movie?

The main star of 2002's 'Antwone Fisher' is Denzel Washington, who played Dr. Davenport. The title character, Antwone Fisher, was played by Derek Luke, Corey Hodges (Antwone age 14) and Malcolm David Kelley (Antwone age 7).

When was Antwone Fisher released?

Antwone Fisher was released on 12/19/2002.

What was the Production Budget for Antwone Fisher?

The Production Budget for Antwone Fisher was $12,500,000.

First movie Denzel Washington directed?

Antwone Fisher (2002)

How much money did Antwone Fisher gross worldwide?

Antwone Fisher grossed $23,367,586 worldwide.

What was the first movie Denzel Washington directed?

2002's Antwone Fisher.

How old is Antwone Fisher?

Antwone Fisher is 53 years old. He was born on August 3, 1959.

How much money did Antwone Fisher gross domestically?

Antwone Fisher grossed $21,078,145 in the domestic market.

When was Antwone Fisher born?

Antwone Fisher was born on August 3, 1959, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Did Antwone Fisher marry?


What has the author Antwone Quenton Fisher written?

Antwone Quenton Fisher has written: 'A boy should know how to tie a tie' -- subject(s): Young men, Conduct of life, Life skills guides

What movies has Antwone Fisher directed?

My Summer Friend

Did Antwone Fisher meet his wife in the navy?

yes, he did

Was Antwone Fisher in gjr?

Yes in the 70's in Pa

What type of abuse was antwone fisher facing?

physical and sexual abuse

What are the release dates for HBO First Look - 1992 Antwone Fisher 10-1?

HBO First Look - 1992 Antwone Fisher 10-1 was released on: USA: January 2003

Did antwone fisher meet his wife while in the navy?

No he met his wife at the club

What are some short themes for finding fish written by antwone fisher?

alienation intimacy

Did Antwone Fisher end up having a connection with his biological mom in all reality?

Allthough Antwone Fisher did meet his biological family, he said "it was out of curioustiy, he liked her, she liked him too, but they were still strangers and his curiousity extinguished, and that was that.Ê It appears that they did not remain close.Ê

What is the main conflict of finding fish by antwone fisher?

The main conflict of "Finding Fish" by Antwone Fisher is finding his identity. Antwone Fisher grew up in an abusive foster home, and never knew any members of his birth family. This contributed to his anger, and caused him to violently lash out. While in the Navy, a psychiatrist helped him to get closure by urging him to find his birth family. His adventure of discovery is the most rewarding part of the story.

How do you spell Antwone?

That is an uncommon spelling of the proper noun, a male given name from the French Antoine (variant of Anthony).Spellings :Antwone (Fisher, US author and director)Antwon (Tanner, US actor)Antone (Davis, former University of Tennessee and NFL football player)

On what ship did antwone fisher serve?

USS BELLEAUWOOD (LHA-3) but other ships could be seen in the background.

What type of mental illness did Antwone Fisher have?

He was said to have had post traumatic stress disorder due all of his flashbacks