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The average average adult male's flaccid (non-erect or "soft") length is 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) (however this is an average, and has little to do with erected size).

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Q: Average penis size when a guy is soft?
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What is the average penis size for a Filipino 23 year old guy?

6 inches!

Do skinny people have big dicks?

There is no relationship between overall size and penis size. A skinny guy may have an average size penis but since it is on a smaller body, it may appear larger than it really is.

What is the average penis growth rate for a guy in puberty?

There is no specific growth rate for the penis

How big does a mans penis have to be in order for a guy to pop her cherrie?

Any size will do. The average male has a penis 5' long with a OD circumference of 2' . The hymen is smaller and can be ruptured with a finger.

What if you have a 7 inch penis by the age of 15?

So what if you do? Are you asking if that is a normal size or are you bragging? The average length of a guy's penis is between 6 and 7 inches when erect so if you have a 7 inch penis at 17 you have nothing to worry about.

Can a guy with a small penis satisfy a women?

It isn't the size of the penis that determines the satisfaction of your partner. It is how you use what you are equipped with.

If a guy has a small flaccid penis it won't be much larger when erect?

The size of a guy's penis when flaccid is not a good indicator of the erect size. Even a penis that looks small when flaccid, can grow to be of very respectable size when erect. Conversely, men who have a penis that looks large when flaccid, generally don't see very much change in actual size when erect.

Avrage size of penis of 15 years old guy?

The average size of any penis AFTER PUBERTY is anywhere between 4 to 9 inches. This size however varies with races. In general, for example, Blacks have larger penises compared to Asians. If you are 15 and still going through puberty, then don't think about your penis size now. Wait till after puberty.

Is it normal for a 20 year old guy to have a 3.5 inches erected penis?

The average size of an erect penis is about 6 inches, or 15 centimeters. Average means then that some are bigger then 6", and some are smaller. It might be embarrassing sometimes to have a short penis, but it shouldn't prevent you enjoying sex and orgasms any less. As someone said "It isn't the size that matters, it's what you do with it!" The average penis size is 5-6 inches. No, having a 3 inch penis is not bad. It doesn't affect you physically in any manner. And it depends on your age. If you haven't begun puberty yet, then that is a normal size. *

How many inches is a normal penice?

The normal size for a penis is about 5-6inches but it is said when a guy gets a boner their penis increases about 2 inches, so if u do it with a guy who has a size of 6inches when he gets a boner it will be 8 inches.

What does it mean when a guy has big feet?

That it was in his genes to have that size. It is not related to penis size as some think. That is a myth along with hand size etc.

Average forearm size for a man?

Average 15-16 inches. That is the average size for a body builder, average "normal guy" size is 10-12 inches.

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