Average price of 3 to 4 bedroom home in early 1900s?

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where? Answer I think about 5000 pounds
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Where can you find the cost of living prices for Vermont in the early 1900s?

You could try the Burlington Free Press that's dated from the time period you're interested in. There are also various industry books available at libraries that are interesting to read. The advertisements in the newspapers are particularly fascinating.. Patricia Vermont Tours To Go

What is the average price for a home in the northwest?

The "Northwest" is such a large area that you need to break it down into individual market areas.. For example, the median price (where half of all homes are priced higher, and half for less) in the Seattle area is almost $450,000, while the median price in the Spokane area is a bit under $300,000, ( Full Answer )

Average home price 1938?

The average cost of a home in 1938 was around $3.000. It dependedon the location and the size of the home. A rural home in 1938could be gotten for around $2,500.

What is the average cost of utilities for a 4 bedroom house?

ANSWER: . That's impossible to calculate--too many variables such as square feet, one story or two, all electric or electric/gas, how big your lawn is (water), how old or energy efficient the house is, and where you live. Utility prices vary greatly between states and even within the same state. ( Full Answer )

Average weight of 4 bedroom house?

The average weight of a 4-bedroomed house is 10,000 to 15,000pounds. This may vary depending on the size of the rooms and thematerials used.Ê

What was the average price of a 3- to 4-bedroom home in the Ozarks in the early 1900s?

Early 1900s covers more than a decade, so I have chosen 1910 for this answer. The average price of housing in 1910 was about 5% of today's cost. For example, if you are talking about a $100,000 house in the Ozarks, then it would have cost about $5,000 in 1910.. On the other hand, if the house in th ( Full Answer )

What was the average home price in 1953?

The average cost of a house in 1953 was $17,000 to $19,000. In somerural areas, modest 2-bedroom houses with more than 20 acres ofland could be purchased for approximately $5,000.

What was the average home price in 1933?

The average price for a new home in 1933 was $5,700. It was duringthe Great Depression. Most people did not have the means to makesuch a large purchase.

What was the average salary in the early 1900's?

A years earnings in the 1900's. Housemaid £12. Cook £15. Governess £21. A years earnings in the 1900's. Housemaid £12. Cook £15. Governess £21

What were some of the home appliances that were used in the early 1900's?

A copper for boiling clothes to clean them. An ice box, an insulated cabinet that held big blocks of ice and kept things cool. The scrubing board for cleaning clothes. there were not many aplyances as we understand them today. most things that were done were done by hand.

Average price for a 4 bedroom house in Oregon?

I believe it can range from 200,000 to 1,000,000. My house was bought for around 500,000 (maybe a bit less) and yet a house down my street was sold for almost 1.000,000 (though, it did have a third floor but it was a very fancy house in a normal non-busy street). Depending on where you live it is ( Full Answer )

What was the price of a 3 bedroom house in 1983?

http://www.census.gov/const/uspriceann.pdf. this site offers average us home sales dating back to 60's. http://www.census.gov/const/uspriceann.pdf. this site offers average us home sales dating back to 60's

What is the average price of a two bedroom apartment in Chicago il.?

An average price for a two bedroom apartment in Chicago would be extremely deceiving. Rent in Chicago varies widely from neighborhood to neighborhood. In example, a two bedroom apartment in Chicago's very desirable and affluent "Gold Coast" neighborhood might run $2,500 per month while in the Gresha ( Full Answer )

The avergage of a 2 to3 bedroom home from the 1900s?

Generally speaking, more houses were built in the later 1900s than the earlier years. In addition there are no figures available for house building in many countries of the world so the average age would be impossible to calculate.

What is the average electric bill cost for a 4 bedroom apartment?

This varies significantly based on location - where in the world you live, and the time of year. In the U.S. the bill could be as inexpensive as $20 when no heat or air conditioning are used at one extreme - and well over $200 in an expensive area when you are using electric heat or air conditionin ( Full Answer )

Average price of a foreclosed home?

It really depends on your location and the market condition of your home. There are websites that offers updated market prices and statistics on every state.

Average utilities for 2 bedroom town home?

Depends entirely on the location, and the type of utilities. Gas, water, sewer, and electricity have different rates in different places. How well the home is constructed will also have an impact on costs.

What is the average cost of an electric bill for a 3 bedroom home?

really there is no specific answer it depends if you heat with electric or gas, what kind of insulation is in the walls and ceiling etc... 3 bedroom no electric heat, and no A/C your looking at approx 300kW hours to 600kW hours so from anywhere from $40 to $70

What is the average price for a 2 bedroom condominium in Bangkok Thailand?

Average price is about 80,000 to 95,000 baht per sqm for a fully furnished condominium in bangkok, it depends which area. Some area is 100,000 baht per sqm. You can get more information and different condominiuns for sale in Bangkok Thailand from the attached link and other sites.

About how much would a 4 bedroom home in Raleigh cost?

"A four bedroom home in Raleigh, NC can cost anywhere between $125,000 all the way up to the millions. It really all depends on the age of the home, it's condition, upgrades, and size. If you review various real estate websites, you can get a better idea of home prices depending on your needs."

What was the avergae price of a 2 bedroom home in 1890?

That's not really an apples to apples comparison. Homes then didn't have a lot of things we assume like indoor plumbing. And are you looking for a comparative price adjusted for inflation?

Can you get a 4 bedroom with a 3 bedroom section 8 voucher?

A section 8 voucher is rental assistance. If you are looking for a 4 bedroom house but you only have a 3 bedroom voucher found a place that has a room that isnÕt considered a bedroom, for example convert a den to a bedroom .

What is the average home price in Annapolis?

The average home price in Annapolis, Maryland is $330,000. This is based on 232 home sales between December 2012 and January 2013. This average price has decreased 5.7% from that time one year ago.

How many bathrooms does the average 4 bedroom house have?

The bathrooms in the average 4 bedroom house have varies according to who designed and built the house. Generally one would want at least 2 bath rooms but some only have one or one and a half if the home is older.

What is the average home price in Cleveland?

Cleveland OH home prices are as of right now in the medium range, the average price being at 51,300 dollars. Houses in the Cleveland area are smaller than most other areas, so the price is not ridiculously low, or high. Home prices in Cleveland have slowly been decaying since 2010, where prices were ( Full Answer )

What is the average price of a Plano home?

The average price for a home in Plano Texas is $212,000 according to Zillow. This is comparatively high to the average home price in the state of Texas which is $125,000.

What is the average price of a home in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has homes ranging from $85,000 to $1,000,000,000 depending on what you are looking for and where you would like to buy. If you are looking for an average home in an average neighborhood you should expect to pay anywhere from $75,000 to $150,000.