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The following homeopathic medicines can help with azoospermia problems, aamiana, pygium africanum, and aswaganda.

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Q: Azoospermia medicine in homeopathic
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A complementary homeopathic medicine means use of other medicine (other than homeopathic such as conventional, chinese, ayurveda, etc) is compemented by simultaneous use of homeopathic medicine.

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Antidote means negating the effects of a medicine. It could be 1. Conventional Medicine antidote by a homeopathic medicine 2. Homeopathic Medicine antidote by another homeopathic medicine 3. Homeopathic Medicine antidote by eating some specific food items

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Turmeric is not a homeopathy medicine but a source of a homeopathic medicine. A medicine prepared from turmeric is known as Curicum longa

What type of medicine is homeopathic?

Alternative medicine

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No, unless you are taking homeopathic medicine for weight gain

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No,there is no guide available for and/or rating system for homeopathic medicine.

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No i have never take homeopathic medicine... i think the homeopathic medicine is not effect on my body..

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Leaving aside all argument as to which is better, "modern medicine" and "conventional medicine" are the same thing. Homeopathic medicine is one of the alternatives to conventional modern medicine, or is part of "alternative medicine".

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