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Q: The absence of sperm in the semen is known as?
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What is absence of sperm in the semen called?


What is the medical term meaning condition of no sperm?

Azoospermia is the medical term meaning condition of no sperm. Azoospermia typically means no sperm in the semen, and not necessarily the absence of sperm in the body.

Does clear semen have any sperm?

Yes usually semen have sperm in them.

Can you get pregnant by semen not sperm?

Semen generally contains sperm cells, and it is the sperm cells in the semen that cause pregnancy. However, if the man has had a successful vasectomy or had his testes removed, his semen will not contain sperm cells.

What is produced when glands add fluids to sperm?

Seminal fluid (also known as, semen)

What is added with sperm to produce semen?

Seminal fluid is added to the sperm to make semen.

Clear sperm or white is more effective?

Semen is the collective of sperm and seminal fluids. Clear semen has very little or no sperm, hence its lack of colour. Semen that has sperm in it, will be white.

What is donkey semen?

Donkey semen is donkey sperm

Is it normal for a 44 year old man to have clear sperm?

You mean 'Semen', not sperm. Sperm are invisible and semen is the liquid that carries sperm cells out of the man's body. Yes, clear semen is normal. So is white, cloudy semen.

Why do sperm have to be in semen?

As sperm are to small to be seen with the naked eye , they always flow out with the semen from the penis.

What is sperm mixed with?


What is important between sperm and semen?

Sperm carries the male DNA, while semen is the fluid that the sperm swim in from the male into the female.

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