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The situation may be serious. It would be advisable to see a doctor.

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Because someone hit you in the back of the head. I would be angry too.

that's because the heartbeat becomes slow in night and when u wake up that starts rapidly. this causes the head to pain.

If they are pinned back against his head, he is angry. You will usually see his teeth if he is really angry.If they are slightly back, he is listening to something behind him, or if they are back and he's acting jumpy he is frightened.

See a doctor and find out what is wrong with you, it could be something serious or nothing at all, the pain could make you angry.

A giraffe will lower its head when it is angry.

It is listening behind him/her.But they are flat back on his/her head, him/her is angry or upset.

A loaded gun to the head with an angry American at the other end of it.

it means that he is really angry - you might want to step back from the horse's head and legs if this happens when you are near a horse

The ears will be pinned against his head (not just facing back-you can see the difference in the related links.)

He was so angry sparks were flying out of his head. He was so angry there was steam coming out of his ears.

He's pulling the head off it,in Italy right now.

Well I got hit in the back of the head an I started to black out. I couldnt walk right. I was dizzy. You basically can get a conclusion like I did.

Punch the left wall & then the right and slam your head into the ground it flies right out of your back

An angry horse will put his ears far back on his head, almost flat. His eyes will roll and he will often shake his head violently up and down. He will also swish his tail back and forth, meaning that he is irritated or angry. Sometimes a horse will rest one back hoof tensly on the ground and stretched back -- if this is the case, DO NOT go behind the horse, as he may be ready to kick and a horse kick to the head can be dangerous or even fatal. If a horse is in his stall, he will often have many of the same motions and movements, but you should be more careful in a stall given the limited amount of space and the unpredictability of a really angry horse. If a horse is out in pasture, he will often run, buck (or kick out), rush you, along with the other signs that he is mad.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell when your puppy is playing or fighting. But, as with all creatures, there are signals to let someone know when they are angry or frightened. A dog's growl changes when they are angry; it becomes deeper and rougher sounding. Also, the hair on its head and back will begin to stand straight up, and their ears will begin to lay down toward the back of its head.

i have a 98 Cherokee with the 6 cylinder that was leaking at the back of the engine right below the valve cover..there is a rubber freeze plug and it had come loose..from the right side of the vehicle feel the back of the head for bolt head,that is what expands the rubber plug..

Depending onhow far back they are, they are either angry, or listening to soomething behind them. If their ears are flat back agaisnt their head, then they are angry or uset. Its a warning sign. That's how they show they arent pleased, but if they are just tilted back, then they are most likely trying to hear somehting that is behind them better.

Both ears back flat: Angry Stomping both front feet: Angry Kicking: Angry Biting: Angry Freaking out (kicking, jumping up and down, eyes wide open): Spooked Kicking: Spooked Ears straight up: Happy Tail bone sticking up: Happy or Exited Ears look relaxed (not right up, not right down): relaxed and calm One ear forward facing one ear backwards facing: Confused Tossing head up and down : Exited, Happy, Bored, or it wants you to step back a bit. Pacing back and forth: Not in good care and has become insane (can be caused from being in a small space for to long, for they NEED exercise) Bobbing head back and forth rapidly: Not in good care and has become insane (can be caused from being in a small space for to long, for they NEED exercise)

there is a chemical stimulant in their brain which produces angry nerves and emotions therefore they happen to be permenatly angry head of biological science Bagdad

Yes, I looked closely in Angry Birds Free on my phone.

Whipping her hair back and forth whipping her head back and forth because she is bald now

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