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In many cases, food preservation is a great thing. However, with the evolution of preserving food, there have been many harmful preservatives invented that make a product last longer, which can sometimes be harmful to your body.

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Q: Bad effects of food preservation
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Why is food preservation important?

Food preservation is important because it helps save money. When food spoils, it is a waste of money for the family.

What is the Good and bad effect of preservation?

The good effect of preservation would be prolonging an items shelf life (extending the time before the item would spoil).The bad effect of preservation would be the potential harmful effects to your health from the chemicals used as preservatives.

What are the concepts of food preservation?

food preservation is a preserved food

What is the description of food preservation?

Food preservation is a way to keep food edible and healthy.

What is chemical preservation?

a type of preservation of food

What are the raw materials use in food preservation?

what are the raw materials in food preservation

What are the advantages and disadvantages of food preservation?

Food preservation has numerous advantages. We can now store food for long periods of time, to use off season or ship to areas of the world undergoing shortages. Increased shelf life reduces production cost.The disadvantages are that some preservatives have subtle, deleterious side effects. Preserved food may not always taste as good as fresh food. For the most part, preserved food beats going without.

What does Compartmentalization in food preservation mean?

I want to know about compartmentalization in food preservation technique

Is food preservation a chemical change?

The food preservation may be sometimes a chemical process.

What is food preservation on the pH scale?

there is no food preservation on the pH scale?

What are the modern methods employed for food preservation?

The modern method employed for food preservation, is freezing.

What are common additives and preservation used in food preservation?

additvisand preservatives used food preparation