Bad thinges that happined to george lucas?

While George Lucas is one of the richest filmmakers in the United States, his life has had its low points. Most famously, he was in a dreadful car accident as a teenager, in which his seat belt snapped and he was flung from the car. It took him months to recover, and it discouraged him from his dream of racing cars. His first film as a director, THX1138, was a flop at the box office, and it caused the American Zoetrope production company to go bankrupt. He divorced his wife Marcia after 14 years of marriage, and this was only immediately after they adopted their first child. As a film producer, he's had a few flops, most notably Howard the Duck.

Also notable, Lucas has said he had arguments with his father over his decision to go to film school. At the time, that was probably a low point, but when Lucas's films became successful, they eventually got over their disagreement.