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Band of brothers the drug war in 1980s?

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Lebanon in the 1980s?

there were a civil war in lebanon in 1980s

Who are the band of brothers?

The Band of Brothers are the men from easy company 2nd battalionor 101st airborne division assigned to the 506th parachute infantry regiment.They fought in the great from 1942 to 1945 they were the best. They fought through the whole war until the end that's how the band of brothers are.

What war is Stephen ambrose's book the band of brothers about?

The 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment during the Second World War.

Why was Iraq able to win the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s?

Iraq did not win the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. The war resulted in a stalemate.

Does war mean Hawk?

somthing thas has to do with war in the 1980s

What is the movie Band of Brothers rated?

Band of Brothers is a TV Mini-series, not a movie. It is rated TV-MA for its sequences of intense strong war violence including graphic images, and strong language. But it is a very good show.

Which country fought a war with Afghanistan from 1979 through the late 1980s?

what country fought a war with Afghanisstan from 1979 through the late 1980s?

How true is The Pacific and Band of Brothers?

Very realistic. Spielberg and Hanks have really taken the true stories of the 101st Airborne Easy Company (Band of Brothers) and the 1st Marine Division (The Pacific) into something that is out of this world. If you like to hear about true stories of real people in World War II, then The Pacific and Band of Brothers is definitely your choice.

What year and month did World War 2 end?

== == Aug. 14 1945 --as seen on Band of Brothers timeline

Is Saving Private Ryan the best war movie?

That's your opinion. I personally like Band Of Brothers better

What was happening in the 1980s?

In the 1980s the US was beginning to get into the Iraq war. MTV started broadcasting. Ronald Reagan was the US President.

How did Colombia's Drug War start?

the drug war started in 1977

Did the wright brothers go to war?

where the wright brothers in war 1,2,3

What is the duration of Brothers at War?

The duration of Brothers at War is 1.87 hours.

In the early 1980s Lebanon was what?

Lebanon was in a civil war :S:(

Money spent on the US drug war?

Money spent on the drug war?

What nation in the cold war possessed more nuclear weapons?

from 1945 until the 1980s, the US.since the 1980s, the USSR and now Russia.

What war film has the best battle sense besides We Were Soldiers?

Saving Pirvate Ryan, Black Hawk down, Band of Brothers, The Pacific...there are alot

What movie and television projects has Russell Loten been in?

Russell Loten has: Played SS Panzer Grenadier in "Band of Brothers" in 2001. Played American Soldier in "Band of Brothers" in 2001. Played American Paratrooper in "Band of Brothers" in 2001. Played German Prisoner of War in "Band of Brothers" in 2001. Played Doctor in "Green Wing" in 2004. Played Athlete in "Jericho" in 2005. Played Partygoer in "Extras" in 2005. Played TV Studio Worker in "ShakespeaRe-Told" in 2005. Played Barman at Spitted Bull in "Bloodspell" in 2008. Played Writer in "Muse Wanted" in 2009.

Why was the Civil War sometimes called a War Between Brothers?

Well the literal meaning is that actual brothers ended up figthing on opposite sides of the war. The figurative meaning is that as a nation we are considered brothers and so it was a war between brothers.

What was the drug war of the 1960s?

There was no drug war in the 1960s. The DEA (US Drug Enforcement Agency wasn't created until about 1970).

What has the author Ernest Frankel written?

Ernest Frankel has written: 'Band of brothers' -- subject(s): Fiction, Korean War, 1950-1953 'Tongue of fire'

When did Mexican Drug War happen?

Mexican Drug War happened on 2006-12-11.

When did Timeline of the Mexican Drug War happen?

Timeline of the Mexican Drug War happened in 2008.

Who is the Native American doom metal band war water?

War Water was the first Native American Doom Metal band to sing in a Native American language. Brothers Josh and Joseph Woodruff are descended from the Colbert/Love Chickasaw Family. 85% of the bands vocals are in Chickasaw.

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