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I am very sorry about your parent's passing. Usually the bank statements are sent to the Executor (male) or Executrix (female) that was named in the Will. It's obvious that one or more of you were Power of Attorney over your parent while she/he was living so yes, you should have done simple bookkeeping as to what is spent on your parent's medical care, hospital stay, possibly the cost of staying in a nursing home, etc. It really isn't the law, but just good business sense so there isn't any second-guessing amongst Heirs in the Will. My mother passed away 2 years ago. When she was in the nursing home my brother was Power of Attorney. His duties were to pay all the bills such as medical expenses, etc. He had the right to sell her condo and the money from the sale went into her account. I was an Heir and I had the right to ask to see the transactions of ALL that went on while my mother was still living. I didn't of course because I trusted my brother. Sometimes when there is a disbute in the family, the lawyer, before dispursing the money can show exactly where the money went. Probate also usually takes care of all your problems. An Executor/Executrix HAS TO ACCOUNT for all monies spent while that person was living right down to the funeral costs. Probate makes sure that all creditors (including personal/property taxes) are paid in full and what is left in the Estate (Residue) is disbursed amongst the Heirs. Marcy

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Q: Bank statements sent to heirs prior to disbursing estate should accounting of cash taken from account when parent was in or near coma before death be included and accounting of what was retreived?
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