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Q: Battlefield heroes file download not hack or cheat?
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Why does it take so long to download battlefield heroes?

It's a veryLarge file. Not is it just battlefield heroes it is also punkbuster.

Can cheat engine be use to download a file faster?


Where can I download the Battlefield 2 demo for PC?

One can download the PC demo of Battlefield 2 from the publisher Softonic's own website. Additionally, a number of PC gaming websites like File Planet, Game Front, and Game Spot host this free download.

Where can one download Battlefield 2 Patch online?

The Battlefield 2 patch can be downloaded online from many different websites. The most trusted would be the official Battlefield website, however, other websites such as File Planet have the patch as well.

How do you update cheats on your R4DS?

Either: * Use the R4 cheat editor program from their website ( ) * download an updated cheat.dat file available from some websites * decrypt the cheat.dat file and edit it yourself

What do you need to use action replay codes on a R4DS?

# you need the cheat code edditer from the r4 website a then download it. # after downloading the cheat code editter open the file and there should be the icon cheat code editter a xml. file name ushcheat or something. # move the xml. file ushcheat to the r4 mini sd card # open the cheat code editer and click file and click import xml. file # then a box should appear to import xml. file go to local disk C # then go to program file # # # # # # #

How do you play Sega games on a PC?

just download the emulator and extract it when its in rar file form. Aidan - You although can buy Sonic Heroes for the PC.

Pokemon Platinum cheat codes in R4?

There are r4 cheat codes, download it from then download the r4cce (a program that edits cheat files) use GOOGLE. Then follow ins. from youtube. Or follow my way. Put the usrcheat file (the 1 u downloaded) in the system folder in r4. then open it using r4cce. Find and copy Pokemon: Platinum (U). Open the CHEAT file in the ds and paste the codes there. And you now have codes for Platinum. Use this for other games that dont have cheat.

What is the cheat code for yu-gi-oh 5ds tag force 4?

if you wanna cheat at it, you don't need a code. just go download the save file with all cards at

How can you deactivate riot cheat in GTA vice city?

You cannot deactivate the riot cheat.The cheat is impossible to deactivate.You can download a saved files of the mission you were on and then continue playing with new saved file.

How can you play as super Shadow in Sonic Heroes?

You can only be Super Sonic in the last story, or for the PC Version go to dvdroot\playmodel you will see a lot of txd files. On Google search for "Sonic Heroes Super Shadow mod Download " . You will see 'Sonic Heroes Mod - Download - Filecrop' . Click on it . There will be a file called 'Sonic Heroes - Super Shadow 2012 Edition' . Click on it . Go to . Click Download Sonic Heroes - Super Shadow 2012 Edition . After the download place the following: sh.txd into the playmodel folder.

Can you download cheats to a blank disc?

try to save the cheat file to the desk top then insert the disc and drag the folder to the thing on the screen.

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