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Q: Because the bull usually does what?
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Why is there a bull on the Lamborghini badge?

because lamborghini's cars are usually named after bulls a friend of ferrucio lamborghini owned a bull farm and a bull that had survived 18 sword strokes was delivered to the farm as the matatdor had spared the bull because of his toughness. when lamborghini visited this farm he named his first car after that bull and the company has carried on the tradition.

Is bullfighting dangerous?

Bullfighting is dangerous because the bullfighter could be gored by the bull's horn at any moment. Bullfighting is also dangerous for the bull because it becomes confused and could then hurt itself and usually at the end of a bullfight, the bull is killed.

If the matador dies in bullfighting does someone take their position until the bull dies?

If a matador is unable to kill the bull because of a serious injury or death, one of the other matadores kills the bull. It is usually the senior matador who kills the bull and he does it with no fanfare.

What is the opposite word of bull?

Cow. A bull is (usually) a mature male bovine, and a cow is a mature female bovine.

What happens when you mix a pit bull and a beagle?

Usually the pit bull wins.

Where to buy a bull terrier?

Well if you really want to know, they are usually found in London or Europe. Because that's where the breed them.

Does what bull make any sense?

No because their can not be what bull. What bull is not also a sentence. What bull does not make sense.

How many points does a bull score in darts?

The inner bull (Usually red in colour) scores 50 points. The outer bull (Usually green in colour) Scores 25 points.

What does bull eat?

grass,because a bull is a herbivore

What colors are bull sharks?

bull sharks are usually gray or sometimes blue :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

What is a double bulls-eye in darts?

A red inner circle (usually known as "bull", "inner bull" or "double bull"), worth 50 points

How long does it take for a red bull energy drink to work?

sometimes instantley because of power of the mind but usually 10-30 mins

What is the name for a feminine and a masculine bull?

Bull is the name of a male cattle, buffalo, musk ox, elephant, etc. Cow is the name of a female of the same... Most people call cattle cows because when you see them in a field they are all cows. The bull is usually kept locked away out of sight.

The person who fights the bull?

Matador is a person who fights bulls, he will bait and usually kill a bull in an arena.

How much semen does a bull produce?

One bull usually ejaculates around 7 mL of semen.

How much does a bull terrier cost?

A purebred Bull Terrier usually is $1000 or more depending on the breeder. Never buy a dog of any kind from a pet store because those dogs are usually from puppy mills and are usually sick or unhealthy. Places like PAWS are a good place to get a pet, or well known, qualified breeders.

How much lbs a bull terrier is?

The English Bull Terrier usually ranges in weight between 45 and 80 pounds, where as the Miniature Bull Terrier weighs between 24 and 33 pounds on average. Staffordshire Bull Terriers usually weigh between 23 and 38 pounds depending on their height.

How do you spell pittbulls?

The usual spelling is as two words "pit bull" (usually the American Pit Bull Terrier).

How does a bull give birth?

A bull doesn't give birth because a bull is a male. The female, a cow, gives birth to the bull's offspring, and they are called calves.

At plaza de toros what does the bull usually do?


Why was the bull sacred in Ancient Greece?

The bull is sacred, because it is in the Taurus constellation.

Old Yeller why were the bulls fighting?

Because one bull had to be the "top bull."

Does ''what'' ''bull'' make any sense?

no because their can not be what bull.what bull is not also a sentence

How does Bull shark find its prey?

To me, the bull shark is not very smart. Well, it's not an opinion because they're not. It swims usually on the shallow end and when it sees something it likes, it goes for it in its attack mode. Quietly and slow then...BOOM got dinner!

Why are bull sharks more aggresevethan great white sharks?

Because they have the name bull in it