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How do hummingbird pollinate flowers?

They travel flower to flower to pollinate. They are almost like bees!

Do bees pollinate cucumbers?

Well, bees will pollinate the flowers of the cucumber, but I am not sure if they pollinate the vegetable when it no longer has the flower.

Bees and a flower?

Bees get nectar from flowers and pollen. The pollen is to pollinate flowers (obviously) to make them grow big.And did you also know that bees pollinate a third of our food.

How do you bees pollinate flowers?

bees have this special thing in them that helps them to pollinate them even though it just looks like their walking on the flower

Can flowers flower if there are no bees?

Flowers can flower if there are no bees since bees are not the only pollinators. Birds such as hummingbirds, insects and wind can help pollinate flowers in the absence of bees, one of the world's most efficient pollinators.

How do bees help pollinate?

As bees go from flower to flower, they take along with them the pollen from each as it sticks to their legs. Some of it rubs off and pollinates the other flowers.Bees collect the nectar from plants, which they use to create honey to feed on for themselves and for their larvae. In turn, the plants are able to be pollinated also.Bees pollinate the flowers.yes they do bees pollinate flowers and flowers give the bees food

What can pollinate flowers?

bees, and other insects that get pollen and move it to a different flower.

How do bees actions help the flowers survive?

Bees move from flower to flower collecting pollen and nectar. By doing this, they pollinate the flowers that they visit thereby ensuring their survival.

Do bees pollinate one flower and then return to previous flower to pollinate?

No. Bees go from flower to flower randomly.

Why do flowers need bees?

Bees pollinate the flowers.

What are bees useful for?

1. Bees pollinate flowers which gives us oxygen so that we can breathe because when they pollinate the flower they help the flower to reproduce. 2. Bees make honey from the flowers that they pollinate which gives us food to eat. Also because honey is a cold medicine to help us get better.

How do butterflies help flowers?

Same way bees do they pollinate the flower so it can seed.

Why are the petals of flowers brightly colored?

To attract bugs and bees to help pollinate the flower

What is a nectar?

Nectar is a sugary liquid produced by flowers. It attracts bees to the flower to feed from it, and in the process they pollinate the flower.

How do bees know which flower to pollinate?

Bees do not ' know' anything. They just fly from flower to flower gathering pollen and nectar to take back home and feed baby bees. In the process, bees accidentally leave a wee bit of that pollen on other flowers - just enough to pollinate them.

Why are flower petals coulerful?

So bees and insects are attracted to them and pollinate them for more flowers to come

Do bees know they are pollinating a flowers?

no actually, they land on a flower and pollinate it without even knowing what they did

How will pulling the petals off flowers affect how bees react to flowers?

If you pull the petals off a flower bees may not notice it so they cannot pollinate them

Why are bees important to flowers?

they pollinate flowers

How does a bee pollinate a flower?

When bees pollinate flowers when they visit a flower, pollen from that flower sticks to the bee. The bee flies to another flower of the same type and pollen that was stuck to the bee gets brushed onto the pistil of the flower. The flower is now pollinated and will begin to develop seeds and fruit.

What keeps bees away from flowers?

Don't do it - bees pollinate flowers, no pollen , no flowers

Why are bees important to plants and flowers?

They pollinate our plants and flowers so that the flowers can reproduce. After the bees pollinate the flowers, they collect the pollen for the hive and turn it into honey.

What types of flowers do bees and butterflies pollinate more?

they pollinate good smelling flowers

What are 4 things that pollinate flowers?

Bees, hummingbirds, wasps, and butterflies pollinate flowers.

Do lady bugs pollinate flowers?

Ladybugs do help to pollinate flowers. They do this along with bees, butterflies and hummingbirds by spreading the pollen from one plant to another.