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Q: Before Christ did people live in Europe?
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What parts of the world did most people live in before modern times?

people lived in the moutians

Did Jesus Christ live in Europe?


Did Galileo live before Christ or after Christ?

long after

Did Moses live before Jesus?

Yes. Moses was about 1500 years before Christ.

Did people live in what is now North America before Jesus Christ was born?

They were the American Indians.

How may years before christ did moses live?

Moses live around 1,500 years before Jesus the Christ.

How many years before Christ did Job live?

Job lived 1800- 2000 years before Christ.

About how many people live in Europe today?

There are about 733 million people that live in Europe as of 2012. This accounts for about 12% of the world's population.

How wany people live in Europe?

As of 2012, there are about 750,000,000 in Europe.

What is similar about people live in Germany and Italy?

They both live in Europe and they are people.

Why is Easter important to the worlds history?

Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Easter Sunday and proved He was God in Human form and showed people who to live as God intended. He proved He conquered death and His followers could do the same. Before the First Easter Sunday, people died and that was it. By rising from the dead, Jesus Christ changed the way people think and live forever. Jesus Christ later ascended into Heaven on Pentecost as shown in Acts, Chapter 1.

Why do people live in Europe?

As there really is no accounting for taste, individuals may have a variety of reasons to live in Europe.

How many people are in eastern Europe?

About 353,364,426 live in Eastern Europe.

Did the Aztecs live before Christ?

The Aztecs did not exist before God but they most likely did exist before Christ was born but the rest of the world did not know they existed until we started sending ships to the new world.

Does the armor of Christ fully protect all people against all kinds of malpractice forever and ever?

The armor of Christ will not protect people from every kind of malpractice forever. It will help you live a better life if you live the way Christ asks you too.

Who the person live between BC and AD?

Before Christ and Anno Domini

What is the percent of of people how lives in europe?

About 10% of all humans live in Europe.

Where do most people in central Europe and northern eurasia live?

In Central Europe, most people live along the Rhine or the Danube. In Northern Eurasia, most people live in Western Russia or along the southern border of Russia.

What kind of people live in Europe?

people who get big boners

What religion are most people in the US?

Most people who live in the US believe in Christ

How many people live in the Europe?


Who are European explorers?

they are people that live in europe

What is the name for the people who live in Europe?


Do most Muslim people live in Europe?

No,most live in Asia and Africa.But there are many Muslims in Europe too,especially Spain.

Where do most people live in Europe?

More people live in Russia than any other European country. The second most populated country in the continent of Europe is Germany.