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Before Silverstone was a popular F1 race track what was it used for?


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It was an airfield. There is also still a farm on the infield.


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United kingdom Track: Silverstone (First world championship race)

The Silverstone Circuit is 5.901 kms long. The track hosts the Annual F1 British Grand Prix race. The race is held for 52 laps covering a total distance of 306.747 kms. The most recent winner of the Silverstone grand prix is Mark Webber.

The Silverstone circuit was extended to 6.2kms for the English F1 GP 2010.

The F1 race in England in the year 2010 was held at the Silverstone Race Track. The race was won by Mark Webber of the Red Bull Racing team. The British Grand Prix has been held at the same venue (Silverstone) every year for many years.

Fuji 2007 and Silverstone 2008

The race cars are transported from track to track by the race teams haulers.

Could refer to Dawn, some type of weather conditions- cloud formations, etc. My guess it is the name of a Horse. Silver, after all was a horse ( Lone Ranger"s mount) and Silverstone is a famous British race track- Horse and auto. It is said Silvertone ( often miscalled Silverstone, which I"ll admit sounds better) radios and television sets were popular with Bookies for this reason!. Nothing like watching the trotters on the old Silverstone!- like my Uncle Julie.

There has not been a famous race in Georgia. The most popular race is the AJC Peachtree road race which is sponsored by the Atlanta Track Club.

it hosted it on alternate years with silverstone from 1966- 1986, it also hosted the European grand prix in 1983 and 1985

The first world championship F-1 race was held in 1950 at Silverstone, UK.

The 1950 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

nino farina, gp silverstone 1950

Saratoga Race Track Saratoga race track, located in Saratoga Springs, NY.

The current British Grand Prix venue is Silverstone. The first race in Silverstone was held in 1948. Ever since 1948, the British GP has been an integral part of motor racing

5850amelie has a rank 2 race track and will probably soon have a race car 3 track

The race track was 200 metres.

there re banked corners on a race track.

The First World Championship Formula 1 Race Was Held At The British Grand Prix In Silverstone

The first 'official' Formula 1 race was the 1950 British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit.

Nino Farina won the first ever World Championship race at Silverstone on 13th May 1950.

I think, the year 1950 was officially the first F1 season. The first race was held in Silverstone

Need more info such as what type of race track, there are many.

A sprint is a race in track and field competitions.It is the shortest common running distance, it is one of the most popular and prestigious events in the sport of athletics

The first championship race was held in 1950 at Silverstone. This was not the first race held to be held under (International) Formula 1 rules technically but it was the first world championship race.

It's in season 10 and the boys have to burn the fuel they made a few seasons back, so they are entered in a 24 hour british car race at silverstone.

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