Before the Civil War

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There are many things that have happened in the world before the Civil War. The dinosaurs roamed for example before the Civil War.

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Q: Before the Civil War
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Related questions

Was the Civil War before or after the Revolutionary War?

The civil war was after the revolutionary war.

Was there a Revolution after the Civil War?

the revolution was before the civil war

Is the Civil War before World War 1?

The civil war was after World War I.

What were businesses like before the civil war?

Which form of business was common before the civil war

What were 2 historical events that occured before the civil war?

The Revolutionary War, and the Trojan War occurred before the Civil War.

Was the Mexican war before the Civil war?

Yes. The Mexican War ended about thirteen years before the Civil War began.

Was the Alamo before the Civil War?

Yes- it was in 1836 - 20+ years before the Civil War began.

What country was involved in a civil war before world war 2?

Before world war 2, Spain was involved in a civil war.

What were the civil wars right before world war 2?

The significant civil war that happened just before WW II was the Spanish Civil War.


any time before the civil war (pre-civil war)

Did World War 2 happen before the Civil War?

It depends which civil war you are referring to.

How did the south states seceded before civil war?

South Carolina seceded from the Union before the Civil War.

What duties did women have before the civil war?

Women typically were home makers before and after the American Civil War.

Was the Boston tea party before during or after the civil war?

Before the Civil War. (December 16, 1773)

Antebellum was the period before what war?

Civil War

Was Civil War before revolutionary?

no, the revolutionary war was before the civil war. the revolutionary war was when the colonists broke away from British rule. the civil war was when the north and south fought because of slavery. the revolutionary war was in 1775 and the civil war started in 1861

Was the compromise of 1850 before or after the Civil War?


Was the emancipation proclamation written before during or after the civil war?

During the Civil War.

Did hariet Tubman escape before or after the civil war?

I think she escaped after the civil war

Why the Civil War led to the constitution?

it didn't the constitution was created before the Civil War...

What is the period before the Civil War?

It is known as the Antebellum Period. It is a Latin word meaning literally before war. It is usually talking about the civil war.

What does antebellum have to do with the American Civil War?

"Ante bellum" means "before the war", the war in question being the Civil War.

Was To Kill a Mockingbird before the Civil War?

The book, to Kill A Mockingbird, was written after the Civil War and takes place long after the Civil War.

Why was Zachary Taylor in the Civil War?

Zachary died fifteen years before the Civil War began. He was not physically in the Civil War at all.

Before the civil war could a state withdraw from the union?

That's what caused the Civil War.