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Before World War 2, Spain was involved in a civil war.

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Q: What country was involved in a civil war before world war 2?
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Which country did they have a Civil War rehersal for World War 2?

The Spanish Civil war, 1936, involved forces from Germany & Italy on the side of General Franco.

Why has Australia had a war?

Australia has not had a war. The country has been involved with other wars around the world, but Australia has not had a civil war.

Why didn't England want to get involved in the US Civil War?

Because it was a Civil War in a foreign country and Britain was too busy trading throughout the world to get involved. Which side was Britain supposed to "get involved" with, the North with its' mass production industries or the South where most of the cotton for British industry came from?

What wars have Italy been involved in?

Italy has been involved in many wars since becoming a country in the 19th Century. The Boxer Rebellion, World War 1, The Spanish Civil War, World War 2, and the Persian Gulf War are some of them.

Before the Civil War?

There are many things that have happened in the world before the Civil War. The dinosaurs roamed for example before the Civil War.

Is the Civil War before World War 1?

The civil war was after World War I.

What was the least involved country involved in colonization if the new world?


When did Hitler's country get involved in World War 2?

Hitler's country, which was actually Austria, got involved in World War 2 in 1939, the year the war started.

Was Mogadishu involved with World War 2?

Yes, every country was involved with the world wars. That is why they are called world wars.

What European country was not involved in World War 1?

Spain, Portugal, and Denmark were not involved.

What were the civil wars right before world war 2?

The significant civil war that happened just before WW II was the Spanish Civil War.

Which country has World War 1 and World War 2?

Germany had was the one country that was involved in World War l and World War ll

Is every country in the world involved in the Olympics?

No, not all of them.

What country is not involved in world war 1?


When did the war started IN Somalia?

Somalia is most dangerous place in the world now but before used to be nice country the civil war started 1991

How is haiti involved in the Olympics?

Because they a country, that is part of this world.

How many country involved in world war 2?


Did World War 2 happen before the Civil War?

It depends which civil war you are referring to.

What is the difference between the anti-apartheid movement and the civil right movement?

The anti-apartheid movement involved many countries around the world that agreed to stop trading with South Africa to persuade them to stop Aparthied, while the Civil Right movement involved only one country (the United States). This is only one reason, and I'm sure there are more, but hope this helps a little!

How many communism involved World War 2?

The communist country of the USSR was involved in the war. They were not involved simply because they were communists. They were involved because Adolph Hitler wanted their country for their resources and they wanted to kill off Slavs and communists.

What countries were not affected by world war 1?

Ethiopia and four small Spanish colonies in Africa were not involved in World War 1. World War 1 affected every country in some way or another, even if the country was not involved in the war.

How did industrialization cause the US to become more involved in world affairs?

The Civil War encouraged industrial growth by challenging industries to make products more quickly and efficiently than they had been made before.

What city had the worlds largest cotton market before the civil war?

New Orleans was the world's largest cotton market before the Civil War.

What can you compare with World War 2 and The Civil War?

WWII was fought between nations. The Civil War was fought against itself. No foreign nation was involved.

What country pushed US to get involved with world war 2?