Being a bca student what kind of job should you get?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Being a bca student what kind of job should you get?
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You are a bca student you want to know that you can apply for ms after bca?

i am bca student its very intersting thinking of our life .enjoying the part time life

What is best for BCA student MBA or MCA or MMS?

The best masters degree for a BCA student is either an MCA or an MBA.

What should you do after BCA graduation?

i will do mca after bca

Is 12 bio student is eligible for bca courses?

ya,,,,,,,,,,, u can join bca after 12th in any stream,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ptu last year bca 3 semester paper for dep student?

BCA Question papers are available on

Is HEBA combination taken by commerce student can do BCA?

Its would be done but the student will feel too dificult in Studies.

What after B.C.A in B.E?

no because bca student already all subject in be study

Can commerce student do BCA after 12th?

bsolutely commerce students are eligible to do BCA and MCA. Even Arts students are eligiblr for the same. Generally Mathematics is considered to be compulsary subject to get admission in BCA. Eligibility Education Qualification The minimum education qualification required for the BCA course is 10+2. Candidate should have scored at least 60% marks in 12th board. All the best Regards Shams

What kind of job you can get in bca?

Type your answer here... in IT company

Which kind of jobs offer bca course?

after completing a bca graduation what kinds of jobs can be available in Bangalore like in it fields

Which stream should be taken to da BCA?

bca comes under which stream science or technical.

If i do BCA from vinayka mission university in Jammu through correspondence then after doing this can i seek admission in Jammu university?

If you do BCA from vinayaka university then you would be able to work any where but if you want to be carry on your study as a regular student from jammu university then it will not be possible after the BCA for MCA from jammu univeristy.