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There are various benefits to being a bartender. For example, you generally do not have to work early in the day.

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What is a bartender called in Hawaii?

a bartender

How do you spell bartender?

Bartender is the correct spelling.

What are the benefits of becoming a bartender?

* Bartending can earn a lot of money. Tips are regularly given for this kind of employment especially if the establishment where you work as a bartender is a busy kind. * Bartending jobs are easy and convenient if you have the skills, it can be fun as well. * In most cases, bartending employment does not require as much training as other jobs. * In a high volume establishment or resort, a bartender can earn about $50K-$75K annually.

What is the opposite gender of bartender?

Barmaid - a female bartender

What rhymes with bartender?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word bartender.

Feminine of bartender?

There isn't one. Male or female they are a bartender.

Rap songs with the word bartender?

Bartender, By T-Pain. (:

What is 'bartender' when translated from English to Italian?


When did Bartender DS happen?

Bartender DS happened in 2007.

Was Abraham Lincoln ever a bartender?

Yes, but no bartender needed a license back in those days ... therefore, he was not a "licensed" bartender.

What is a funny joke about a penguin?

Dark humor, but definitely not risque: A man walks into a bar and tells the bartender, "Gimme a shot of whiskey." The bartender gives him one, and he drinks it. He asks the bartender, "Bartender, how tall is a penguin?" The bartender says, "Oh, about three feet tall." The man says, "Give me another shot." The bartender pours him another shot and he drinks it. Then he asks the bartender AGAIN, "Bartender, how tall is a penguin." The bartender repeats his earlier answer, "Oh, about three feet tall." So the man says, "Gimme another shot." The bartender gives him the whiskey and he drinks it. Then he asks the bartender for a THIRD time, "Bartender, how tall did you say penguins were?" The bartender replies, "I just told you. About three feet tall." The man grimaces, and covers his face, crying out "Oh, no! I must have run over a nun!"

How much does a bartender make annually?

A bartender makes as much as a bartender wants to make. I wouldn't say there is a cap on how much a bartender make in one year. If the service is good and the coversation is interesting a bartender can make alot of money. Location is also a big factor.

What is the normal tipout from a waitress to a bartender?

5% of alcohol sales to bartender.

How much does a bartender make in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, the average yearly income for a bartender is $20,000. The average annual income for a bartender in Massachusetts is $26,000.

Who played the bartender in the Hot Chick?

Scott Dolezal Night Club Bartender

What is the Tagalog term for bartender?

Tagalog Translation of BARTENDER: tagatimpla ng alak

How much money does a bartender earn in Dubai?

how much does a bartender earn in dubai

How do you say bartender in French?

A bartender is usually called 'un barman' in French.

When was Bartender DS created?

Bartender DS was created on 2007-09-27.

What happens when a bartender is short money?

In most cases the bartender has to pay the difference out of their tips or pay check. So when you walk out on your bar tab it is the bartender(s) who has to pay for it.

Do bartenders have medical or dental?

No. Bartenders usually don't work for a cooperate or government job they will provide such benefits. Some bartenders are lucky to make enough money to pay for their own medical or dental needs. Unless a bartender works for a very wealthy 5-star resort, there will be some benefits, but because bartenders are categorize in the food industry "field" no benefits are actual giving for that crappy job.

How much should you pay a bartender?

I think a bartender should get paid for atleast $12 the hour!!!

How many years of school does it take to become a bartender?

It takes 4 years to become a bartender

Who played the bartender in the movie Intention of Lying?

Philip Seymour Hoffman was the bartender in "The Invention of Lying"

What is the requiring age limit for a bartender in ms?

You must be 18 years of age to have the occupation of a bartender

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