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Is the circuit grounding out? Bare, broken, corroded, rubbed though wire?

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Q: Besides blown fuses or bulbs why wont the parking lights on a 1993 Lincoln town car work?
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What is the problem if I have headlights and brake lights but no running lights?

Fuse for parking lights probably blown.

What would cause rear parking lights fog lights and instrument lights to not work?

Blown fuse? Damaged buss board?

How do you fix headlights that won't come on but parking lights and fog lights work?

The headlights work on a totally different relay than the parking and fog lights. The headlight relay or headlight fuse is usually blown when only the parking and fog lights work.

Headlights don't work but parking lights do on a1989 Toyota corolla?

blown fuse

GMC JIMMY why are your dash tail and parking lights not working but the brake blinker and head lights work fine?

The GMC dash tail and parking lights are on a different fuse from the brake lights. Check the fuses for a possible blown fuse.

What could be the problem when the dashboard lights and taillights are not illuminated?

Im 99% sure you have a fuse blown, its the parking lamps fuse. a fuse may be blown

Why don't your parking lights work on your 1996?

Your parking lights may not be working due to a blown bulb or fuse. If you have checked both you may need to see a mechanic to make sure there is not any electrical problems.

What fuse is the tail light fuse in a 1991 blazer?

tailight/parking/dash lights - look for blown fuse

What would cause the dash lights and parking lights to stop working in a Chevy S10 Blazer?

Probably a blown fuse. What you need to find out is why the fuse blew.

Why my parking lights and dash board lights do not work?

If you have multiple lights that do not work it's probably caused by an electrical problem such as one or more fuses blown or a faulty connection somewhere.

Why do my turn signals and 4-way flashers work but yet I have NO parking lights?

you may have blown the computer chip that regulates your lights its usually your hazard lights button that's the chip.

Why does your dashboard and parking lights not work but your headlights and brake lights work?

Sounds like a blown fuse in the dash, no biggie, just take it in and it should be a quick fix Wiring harness has come loose, blown bulbs, or bad wire.

Other than a blown tail light bulb why else would the tail lights parking lights and instrument panel lights not work?

well ur fuse has obviously blown under the dash.. I am facing the same problem in my car atm. But i cant find wat is causing it to blow..

Why would the front and rear parking lights and license plate light not work but the stop lights and turn signals do work on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee?

Check your fuses, there might be one blown.

How come my parking lights don't work on my 1990 Chevy k1500?

You may have a blown fuse or a wire loose. Check these things to see if that is the problem.

Why would the front and back passenger side parking lights on a 1990 VW Jetta not work even after you replaced the bulbs?

Try looking for a blown fuse.

How do you fix dashboard lights in a 1993 Subaru Impreza All gauges word. No blown fuses. Tail lights parking lights head lights High and Low all work. Bulbs aren't blown.?

take out your dash where your radio is located and check the illumi con unit, i had the same problem with my 1995 subaru, it is a little black box in mine.

You have no brake lights or turn signals on 97 Lincoln town car?

You may have blown a fuse. Check your fuses. Then you can check your light connections.

Is the dash light and the dome light on the same fuse?

No the dash lights should be with your parking lights.comment2: They are on separate circuits. Power usually goes from the "taillight fuse" to a small 5 amp dash light fuse and then to the dash dimmer wheel or knob. Then it feeds the dash lights. A blown tail light fuse makes the dash lights go out also. A blown dash fuse only affects the dash lights.

Why do the parking lights not work on 1988 grand marquis?

It could be three thing... 1. You blown a fuse 2. You have a faulty switch 3. Your Marquis need to be rewired

Why are there No dashboard lights in my 1990 Nissan Truck and there are no blown fuses?

Check to see if the parking/tailights are working Could be a bad fuse, or switch Could be an open in the dimmer rheostat

My dashboard parking lights and tailights are not working wat could be the problem?

1- the light switch, or 2- the wiring on the plug to the light switch from the car, or 3- a blown fuse

What else causes brake lights not to work?

fuses are blown, or bulbs are blown

Why won't the dash lights tail lights work after the installation of a headlight switch on a 1990 Jeep Cherokee?

blown fuse blown fuse

If your brake lights work but not the tail lights what is the problem?

Probably a blown fuse.