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1. Kumasi Senior High School

2. New Juaben secondary/comercial school

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Q: Best business secondary school in Ghana?
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What is best school in Ghana?

The best school in Ghana is St Augustine's College(Augusco)

Is st.thomas Aquinas SHs the best day school in Ghana?

yes,best school in Ghana

What is the motto of Dr. Charles Best Secondary School?

The motto of Dr. Charles Best Secondary School is 'Discover Your Best'.

What are the best ten shs in Ghana?

st john's school sekondi

Why is Donkorkrom Agric senior high school the best school in Ghana?

Donkorkrom Agriculture senior high is the best school in Ghana because they have good and hard working teachers.

When was Dr. Charles Best Secondary School created?

Dr. Charles Best Secondary School was created in 1971.

What is Presec school in Ghana admission of students?

Presec is an acronym for Presbytarian Secondary School, now called Presbytarian Senior High School in Ghana. As the name implies, it was established by the Presby Church but now a public school, therefore government assisted. Actually there are a number of Presec schools around in Ghana like Presec in Bechem, Brong Ahafo region of Ghana but the most popular is Presby Boys Senior High School (PRESEC secondary school) at Legon, Accra. Talking about admission of students, the academic calendar starts from September, yearly and therefore admissions or student enrolment is around this time. In fact Presec is not only one of the oldest secondary schools but also one of the over subscribed ones in Ghana. Therefore it is very competitve to get in even with the best of grades. I hope this answers your question

What is Alpha Secondary School's motto?

Alpha Secondary School's motto is 'Where The Best Get Better'.

What is Commonwealth Secondary School's motto?

Commonwealth Secondary School's motto is 'Ever with the Best'.

Is okuapeman sur. high a best school in Ghana?

not the best but one of the best

What is the best Texas school?

Bosqueville secondary school

What is the best school in ockendon?

Dilkes primary is the best primary school Ockendon is the best secondary school