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D`Addario they make the best sounding electric and acoustic sounds on the market

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โˆ™ 2009-06-06 11:38:23
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Q: Best electric guitar strings to use?
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Can you use electric guitar strings on an acoustic electric guitar?


Can you use light guitar strings on an electric acoustic?

Yes. Guitar Strings generally range from extra light to heavy, but the sizes can vary depending on the company that's issuing them. However, the strings that are designated for an acoustic guitar differ from the strings that are designated for an electric, as the strings on an acoustic are much thicker. Cheers!

Can you use electric guitar strings on an acoustic?

Well, from my experience i personally like electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar because i like the type of tone it gives the acoustic. it all depends on if you like the sound of it.

What kind of guitar strings does duane eddy use?

Duane Eddy uses , GHS Guitar strings.

Can you use electric guitar stings on an acoustic?

Guitar strings aren't seperated between electric and acoustic, the varieties are nylon, steel... etc.

What electric guitar strings does lee ritenour use?

Its the Gibson_ES-335or Gibson L5

What strings do you use for a Gibson sg guitar?

D`Addario XL electric guitar strings they sound great on any guitar and will give you a great grung sound on a Gibson sg

How do you use a electric guitar?

Pick it up, rest it on your lap with strings facing away from you and the head of the guitar to your left (if a right handed guitar and vice versa if left). Plug into an amplifier, turn on amplifier, strum the strings. You have used an electric guitar. You may also use it for wife beating.

How is the ecoustic guitar different from an electric guitar?

Acoustic guitars use the natural acoustics of a guitar to amplify the sound whereas an electric guitar uses magnetic pickups to listen to the vibration of the strings so it can be amplified by an electric amp

What is the difference between an electric guitar and a acoustic guitar?

An electric guitar uses magnetic pickups under the strings to amplify the vibrations of the strings and deliver the sound through an electronic amplifier. An acoustic guitar uses a hollow body chamber under the strings to resonate the sound without the use of magnetic pickups or an external amplifier.

What type of guitar does System of a Down use?

they use a guitar with strings as opposed to a guitar without a strings and it is red

What is the difference between electric and acoustic-electric bass guitar strings?

Bass strings are MUCH MUCH thicker. They use more metal to make and are also harder to make.

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