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Pet snails will be happy eating algae wafers and plants or fresh algae. They may also enjoy eating sinking pellets.

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How do land snails get food?

how do land snails get food

Do snails digest their food?

Yes, snails do digest their food.

Are snails a food group of its own?

Snails do not belong in their own food group. They belong in the protein food group.

What do you do to help snails?

If you are reffering to snails inside a fish tank, then the best thing to do is to not clean the tank. That is the snails job as they eat the alge produced by the fish. so if you just have snails and no fish, then i suggest you buy fish to suit your tank to help give the snails the food they require.

Are snails producers?

No, snails are not producers. They do not make their own food.

Can outdoor snails eat fish food flakes?

Can outdoor snails eat fish food flakes

What can aquarium snails eat?

Duckweed is a great food for aquatic snails.

Do snails eat fishfood?

Snails will eat fish food if they are able to reach it. Fish food should not be their staple food source though, as it is high in protein. Snails prefer algae and algae wafers.

What are snails favourite food?

Snails eat grass, leaves and plant bark.

What are garden snails favorite food?

green food

What is a snails food chain?

Sun-clover-snail-sparrow-hawkThe sun gives the clover food. Snails eat clovers. Sparrows eat snails. Hawks eat sparrows.

Do snails eat betta food?

Yes, snails will indeed eat betta fish food and it will not harm them. Betta food can be purchased at local pet stores.

What is France main food?


Can snails make their own food?


What is a snails favrite food?


Frances favorite food?


What is the kauri snails food chain?

earthworms insects insect larvae and other snails

How do Giant land snails die?

african snails die by not eat a enough food.

What preys on moon snails?

Moon snails can actually drill on another moon snail for food

Can a snail make its own food?

No, snails do not make their own food.

What is decaying vegetation for snails?

A food source.

How do snails find their food?

mostly by smell

What food originated from France?

Escargots (Snails)

What is France's favourite food or drink?


What are land snails used for?

we eat them as FOOD