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Best kid name girl and boy?


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June 11, 2010 2:33PM

Hmm, well WikiAnswers isn't the best for opinions, but if you want my opinion, the best kind of names are the unusual ones. Think about it, if you have a very common name, like Tom, chances are no-one will comment saying 'that's a beautiful name!' if many other kids are called it. But, if you have a more unusual one, like my favourite girls name, Nyree, people will often say 'What a beautiful name' Because it is :)

My top 3 Boys Names

1.Bentley (BENT-Lee)

2.Finlay (FIN-lee/ FIN-lay)


My top 3 Girls Names

1. Nyree(NIGH-ree)


3.Mika (MEE-kah)