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Best mustang drag gears?

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That depends on your transmission, but generally 4.10 or 4.11.

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Are 3.70 gears good for drag racing?


What are the disadvantages of fixed landing gears?

high drag

What type of car was the first drag car?

I think it was Ford Mustang was the first drag car.

What was the fastest mustang ever designed?

19681/2 special edition drag pack mustang had the fastest 1/4mile time from factory than any other mustang made to date

Which car is most popular for drag racing?

Toss up between Mustang, and Camaro.

What size rear end does an 1986 camaro z28 have?

it comes stock with 2.73 gears but if you raise them up to 3.73 gears would be alot funner...3.55 good for daily driving 3.73 good for steet/drag and 4.10 good for drag

Your riding mower will not turn left?

There is something wrong with the gears or drag link. Check them thoroughly

How do you play drag racer v2?

in easy mode its space to change gears and up is gas

How will win in a drag race between a 66 mustang and a hot rod?

What kind of hot rod?

What is the force that slows down an airplane?

Drag is the force that slows down a plane. Drag may be caused by air friction. It may also caused by non-retractable landing gears.

What is faster a Nissan skyline or a Ford Mustang?

that depends on what type of mustang your talking about, if its the everyday mustang gt, then the skyline would leave it in the dust, but if its a shelby gt 500, or a saleen or something then it would be a good race but i think the mustang would edge it out in a drag race, but in a curciut race, the skyline would be too much to handle.

Where can I download Drag me to Hell for free?

This is the best place for you:

Are Mustang Cobra Jets made only for racing?

The Newer Cobra Jets Are only for Drag Racing and Are illegal on the street. Older Mustangs with the Cobra Jet Engine In it Were legal on the street and sometimes used for drag racing. So older Mustang Cobra Jets were not only made for racing but newer ones are only made for racing.

The maximum speed of a mustang?

The same thing dictates a Mustang's top speed as every other car. It all depends on horsepower/torque, weight, aerodynamics, and gearing. Since the Mustang has always had multiple engine and gearing options, there simply isn't one answer. It all really does depend on what each individual car has in it. An old big block car with 4.50 gears will most certainly be redline limited. A six cylinder car with 2.70 gears will most certainly be drag limited. Not to mention that the same car with the same engine will have a different top speed with each different gear ratio. So sorry, no straight answer for you.

Is drag you to hell scary?

Drag me to hell is not scary some people say it is abut it is'nt. It is the best movie for me. the direcor of drag me to hell is Sam raimi

Who would win in a race a Corvette or a mustang?

it depends on the race type. in a circuit race, probably the mustang, because of it's amazing handling. in a drag race, probably the corvette because it's more aerodynamic, and accelerates way faster

Who is the best drag racer ever?

John Force.

How fast can a Supercharged Saleen S281 Mustang go?

The top drag speed of a Saleen S281 Supercharged Ford Mustang is around 154 mph. It can go from zero to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds and from zero to 130 mph in 24.4 seconds.

How do you win the drag races in need for speed underground 2 with a ps2?

simple press X then shift gears using R2 and L2 and avoid the cars....

How do you install the bracket on 1969 mustang 302?

i hae taken the bracets off and was going to make a drag car out of it now i iwant it factory how do the brackets mount on it

What is the best c class car in drag racer v3?

Volkswagen GTI is best

What actors and actresses appeared in Drag Race - 2009?

The cast of Drag Race - 2009 includes: Alice Dano as Roxie Rick Drennar as 55 Chevy Dale Hickey as 72 Mustang Shannon Jacques as Mandi Toni Reimer as The Starter

What is Best drag and drop mp3 player?

Sansa Fuze

Where is the best place to get drag queen shoes?

Sydney Australia

What is the best way to drag a softball infield?

I have found the best way to drag a field is with a metal dragger attached to the backof a tractor, 4x4, or gold cart. It allows for easy dragging and a very thorough job. It also makes it easier on the players that would have had to drag the field.