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I think it was Ford Mustang was the first drag car.

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Who invented the first drag racing car?

Wally Parks invented the Drag racing car

Who created drag racing?

Wally parks created the first car...

Who would win in a drag race a ferrari or a drag car?

it would obviously be a drag car as it has a higher rate of acceleration and top speed. a drag car is built to perform on a drag strip where as a Ferrari is built to perform on a race track. this does not mean that a Ferrari is inferior to a drag car as you can race a Ferrari on a drag strip but it is impossible to race a drag car on a racing track

The fastest pro stock drag car record?

fastest record drag car

How do you go fast in a drag race?

If you are in a drag race, the weather and type of car you are driving may play a factor in how fast you can go. Having the proper shape of car with nothing on the outside of your car like a sail, will make you go faster.

What is a dragula?

"there is no such this.. Rob Zombie meant it as in drag car but he changed the title of the song" Wrong, the Drag-U-La was the name of the Munsters drag car built from a casket. It has been given to any type of souped up car with a gothic twist, most commonly hearses. Rob Zombie owns one.

First drag car to go 200mph in Australia?

Ash Marshall - Castlereigh 1969

What are decal codes on drag racer v3?

a code that if u type it in (you will have to copy or save a car then load it) then u can load the decals

What type of car was the first car?

model t

How do you reduce drag on a f1 car?

don't drag it copy and paste it

How does the shape of a car make it faster?

the shape of the car is vital when designing because if you want a high speed car then it has to be aerodynamic this makes it easier for the air to go around the car and stops it from having drag drag is the force of the air that is pushing on a car if you want a fast car you need less drag

What type of forces act on a race car?

Downforce, drag, gravity, acceleration/deceleration G's, lateral G's and Yaw.

What do you need to be in a drag race?

A car

What does air do to stop a car?


How do you win drag race?

You get in as the first person in the race. the way that you win a drag race is the first person that leaves the starting line first and can stay in front of the other car till they reach the 1/4 or 1/8 mile mark

How fast must a car with 51ft of surface area travel in order to experience a drag force of 430 N?

You need dome type of Formula to calculate this. The formula must relate drag and surface area. Assuming the surface area is at the face of the car, or not.

How can a car be changed to reduce air resistance?

The car industry used a wind tunnel to find out how to make cars more wind resistant. Things like gaps in the doors and wing panels can even cause drag on a vehicle. Rubber on a car can cause drag. the smoother the surface the less the drag will be, even the wrong polish on a car can cause drag.

How do you increase drag on car drag racing?

the point in a drag race is not to increase drag it is too go down the "drag" strip which is ussually a 1/4 mile and speed and acceleration is key but if you want to increase your drag coefficeint of the car make a flat perpindicular surface with no holes to create as much surface area as possible

When was the first citroen car built?

Andre Citroen's first car built was the 1919 Citroen 'Type A'.

Did the first car run on gas?

No the First Car used Gasoline to run. Gasoline is a type of fuel

What is drag in auto racing?

Drag is the Force of the Wind on the car that usually slows the vehicle down.

Fastest racing car?

drag racer

What is aerodynamic in scientific?

the more aerodynamic a car is the less drag it generates. The less drag the faster the car goes becaues it has less wind resistance.

What features will your car have to reduce the forces of friction and drag?

A car will have aerodynamic features to reduce forces of friction and drag. A sleek body style will help do this.

What type is a drag force?