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A bridal shop that has sales.

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Q: Best place to buy a wedding dress?
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Where can I buy an affordable wedding dress?

The best place to find an affordable wedding dress is to go to a retailer that sells wedding dresses and ask to see their clearance rack. This process may be long and cumbersome to find the right dress, but if you find a dress that makes you happy, saving money via this method is priceless.

Were is the best place online to buy a dress for a wedding in the spring?

i would rent at , its safe and affordable . and right off the runway ! PERFECT ! -Lindsay (:

Where is the best place to buy a romantic wedding dress?

Check your local wedding boutiques to see what styles of wedding gowns they have available. Looking through bridal magazines will also show you wide selection of romantic wedding dresses and where they can be purchased.

Does the bride buy her own wedding dress?

Sometimes. She can also make her own wedding dress.

Where to get the perfect wedding dress from?

That's up to you! You can buy, rent, or make your own wedding dress.

Where to buy a wedding dress?

Wedding time is the most important or special time for everyone's life so don't select your wedding dress in hurry.take your time visit to best show rooms or designers.

Where can you buy brendas red dress and hat on emmerdale she wore to the wedding?

where can i buy brenda walkers dress and hat she wore for the wedding

What is the best way to store a wedding dress in a humid climate like Houston?

Humidity can stain a wedding dress giving it a yellow appearance. It is important to have a wedding dress bag that can protect your dress from these elements. If you are unsure where to buy this kind of bag you should ask the dress maker where you purchase your dress. In the worst case scenario, never keep a dress in the attic or the basement of the house and try to store it in a place with a moderate but stable temperature.

Where can I get wedding dresses at a discount?

To get the best wedding dress at a discount around fall is to buy a dress during the summer. Around national holidays like easter and fourth of july, wedding dresses are major discouts.

Where can you buy a dress to wear to a wedding?


Where can one buy a black wedding dress?

There are a number of retailers who have black wedding dresses available for purchase including David's Bridal, The Black Wedding Dress, Wedding Dress Fantasy and Etsy.

Does bride buy wedding dress?

yes,the wedding dress is very important in your wedding .you can also order one friend and me often do it

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