Best scene for the last song?


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The movie? The best scene in the movie is when Will is trying to sing. That is by far the best.

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name of the last song in the movie ghost

the best scenes are the balcony scene and the last scene (when Romeo and Juliet die)

It's called 'Glory Be' from the Wrestler Soundtrack.....the best last scene of a film ever, go on U Tube and you will find the track...amazing.

the song is "I'll be your lover too" by Van Morrison

Tina Turner's Chicken-Shak song. Originally released in 1994

Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine

The song, 'Save the Best for Last', was sung by female artist Vanessa Williams. 'Save the Best for Last' was released in 1992 and written by Phil Galdston.

The Scene - song - was created in 1998.

ive never watched the movie, and i cant find a clip on youtube, but from what i hear its tyrant by onerepublic. its a pretty good song

Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine. My favorite

All Along the Watchtower-Jimi Hendrix/Bob Dylan

thank you next and one last time

From first to last is one the best band's ever.Their best song is World's Awayyou Should check it out

Shaimus played the song "Let Go" in the cafe scene, and the song "Tie You Down" during the frat party scene.

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