Best tips to get pregnant?

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There is so much a woman can do in order to get pregnant naturally:

1. Eat a healthy clean diet and avoid hormone, antibiotics and pesticides.

2. Take fertility vitamins both partners.

3. Do a fertility cleanse before conception in order to eliminate toxins that can affect the quality of the eggs and sperm.

4. Follow a relaxation program designed specifically for women who are trying to conceive.

5. Do fertility yoga 3-5 times a week.

6. Learn fertility charting to predict ovulation. Not all women ovulate when they think they do!

7. Target sex to maximize the changes of conception by having sex just before ovulation and avoiding have sex each day because this can decrease sperm count.

8. Make sure the women has healthy cervical mucus by eating certain food and taking evening Primrose Oil daily to increase the quality.

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Q: Best tips to get pregnant?
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