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Updated: 10/20/2022
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My husband and I have tried out probably all the internet travel blogger sites there are right now. The absolute BEST internet travel blog site is I'll get to why in a minute. has many users but the interface is so messy. Unless you want to pay for your membership your page will have ads running all over it and whoever visits your site will have a hard time distinguishing your info from all the ads. is just awful in my opinion. The way you view photos from your trips is a pain. And once you load them all up, it jumbles all the photos from ALL of your trips together. (hard to distinguish which pics go to which trips). is just weird to me. You have to choose from one of THEIR stock photo pics to use for your album covers which kind of sucks. Plus your blog, pictures, etc is all separated by tabs whereas I'd rather have it all on one page. Okay the reason why Driftr is so awesome… Like the others you get your own URL but once you get there you're shown a huge, clean map. All the places you've been to are highlighted. There's a drop down menu where all of your trips are listed. Click on one and it takes you straight to that trip. Your map is still displayed along with thumbnails of all of your photos FOR THAT TRIP. Below that there's a section for your blog, where to stay, what to do, etc if you so wish to include this information. The entire user face is so clean, sleek and user friendly that anyone who visits will easily interpret what's displayed in front of them. I love! Check it out for yourself!

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Q: Best travel blog site
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