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Boxer shorts

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โˆ™ 2009-08-24 10:59:23
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Q: Best underwear for men with a big penis?
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What is the most popular style of men's underwear?

You can go to FashionTIY, They have the best and cheapest men's underwear!

Why do men shake when they pee?

To get the excess pee off the head of the penis so the men don't need to wipe the pee with some toilet paper, or they just pee and put the penis back in their underwear so the don't care if pee lands on their underwear. I don't, I just pee and put my penis back in my underwear and sometimes I am still peeing when I am putting my penis back in my underwear. Lol kinda wet sometimes but yeah that's why they shake =)

Why do men wear underwear with a slit in it?

because men's urethra ends in a penis and it's easier to pull it out through the slit sometimes.

Not wearing underwear for men is harmful?

Only if they get their penis, scrotum, or pubic hair caught in their pants zipper.

What is the best thing to stuff underwear with to make penis look bigger?

The best thing is not to worry about it. Trying to make yourself look bigger is fine until you have to show the goods. All men are not created equal and there is no point in worrying about it.

Why is it a big deal when men wear womans underwear?

It's not normal

What is the best lingerie site for men?

You can check "men's underwear"at search engine to choose the good site.

Where online can one purchase men's clothing and underwear?

SAXX Underwear has revoluntionized and reinvtented men's underwear by making most comfortable underwear out there designed and constructed for the way men are actually built with the best materials & workmanship and patented internal mesh panels.

Do men with big penis produce more semen?


Why do men have stains in their shorts or underwear and women don't?

Cuz when we get turned on, a little stuff comes out of our penis. The only way for women to stain their underwear is if they crap or pee in it. That is usually unlikely too

Why do men have big penis?

we're men

Why do some men have really big penis's?

because they use it

What are the top male names for men with a big penis?


What is the best men's underwear?

Almost all men look good in and find comfortable boxer briefs.

How do men wear their pants Where do they leave their penis?

It can either go to the middle in tight underwear, or it goes down one pant leg or the other.

Where might one go to purchase big men's underwear?

No matter the size, big men's underwear can be found at any local department retail store or online retail store. Some of these stores include Walmart, Target, Amazon, Kmart, Old Navy, and Macy's.

What is fifonafe?

The saying is that men with big feet have a big penis. But, studies have shown that penis size is not linked to feet size.

Do large men have big penises?

No not necessarily just because you are big doesn't mean you will have a big penis ;) hope I helped

Do amish men wear underwear?

It's against the Ordinance for the men to wear underwear.

Should you wear tight underwear during sports?

Yes, it's important for men and boys to wear tight underwear so that their penis and testicles are supported. There is a risk of testicular torsion if things bounce around too much.

Do only gay men get erections when thinking about HAVING a big penis?

no i do and i have a wife

Is it true what they say about men with big feet?

i wear a size 18 and i have a big penis so to me yes it true.

How big is a normal penuis?

31% of men is 5.51 to 6 inches. 24% of men is 6.1 to 6.50 inches. Then the rest of men have smaller penis's. Only 55% of men have a penis above 5 inches.

Do French men have big penis?

been with two and they both did..and my friend had sex with a french guy, he had a big penis can these be just good luck? dunno but from my opinnion, yes they have!

When did jock-type men's underwear appear?

Perhaps the biggest sensation to hit the men's underwear scene was the 1934 arrival of jock-type underwear shorts.