Between Beyonce and sharkira who is more rich?


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Beyonce. Beyonce is the 4th richest most powerful celebrity in the world! and also the Richest Celebrity Under 30.

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correction beyonce grew up middle class :D

it depends how you think about it beyonce Knowles grew up rich, went to a private school and is still rich but Janet wasn't rich at first as soon as her brothers succede in mototown recording she also became known to the hip hop world beyonce is probably richer than Janet

Beyonce has got way MORE money because she has jay z in her life which is bare rich with his job and every other thing like that!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. Beyonce is worth over 100 million dollars and Ciara is worth over 20 million dollars. Both ladies are extremely rich.

Beyonce was rich with love in her family, but either than that they weren't poor but they had money to stay alive, like people who live in the hood.

she makes 700,000$ a month

Beyonce is rich because of how wonderful she sings and she also has many other talents as well: Singing, Dancing...ect,. She has released many albums and singles through her life and is still doing so

very rich stars ara:madonna,beyonce and britney spears

beyonce like to write about herself and her baby and her jay-z and she writes about them because she cares about them and stuff like that and she love to sing and she is so rich

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Of course! She's married to Jay-Z, the best rapper currently alive.

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Beyonce's first song was Crazy in Love and it was produced by Rich Harrison and Beyonce

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I heard a host on a well known entertainment show say that she is the $80,000,000 a year girl, as an introduction to the interview.

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Rich Harrison wrote Beyonce's Crazy in love as well as Baby Boy

Empowering, talented, strong, beautiful, rich

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