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Between fgets and gets which function is safe to use and why?

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gets is an insecure function, its careless use can lead to errors. If you

want to use gets, consider using fgets instead, supplying stdin as

the file reference parameter.

The gets function waits until a line of input is available (unless one is already

available), and consumes the whole line including the ENTER/newline at the end.

The characters on the line are stored in the string parameter, except for the

ENTER/newline, which is discarded.

returns NULL on end-of-file, otherwise the parameter s.

The parameter given to gets must be an already allocated array of characters, not an

uninitialised char * pointer; gets will never allocate memory.

{ char a[100]; gets(line); // This is correct

{ char a[100]; char *s; s=a; gets(s); // This is correct

{ char *s; s=new char[100]; gets(s); // This is correct

{ char *s; gets(s); // This is WRONG

The array given to gets must be big enough to hold any line that could conceivably be

input. C++ and C are incapable of telling how long an array is. If it is not long enough

for the data that is read, other data (and perhaps program code) will be overwritten.

Thus gets is not a safe function for use in critical applications.

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The gets() functions reads input from stdin and writes it to a user-defined buffer. The function has the following declaration in <stdio.h>: char* gets (char* str); // WARNING! Deprecated since 2011 The function is unsafe because the function won't stop writing to the buffer until a newline or end-of-file is encountered in stdin. If the buffer is too small, the function will overwrite memory beyond the bounds of the buffer. If available, use the gets_s() function instead. This allows you to specify the length of the buffer and thus prevent buffer overruns: char* gets_s (char* s, rsize_t n); Alternatively use the fgets() function passing stdin as the input stream: char* fgets (char* s, int n, FILE* stream); POSIX 2008 also provides the getline() function as a safe alternative to gets(). However, this function resizes the buffer dynamically and must be manually released (free'd) when no longer required.

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