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you can crossbreed rabbits but they can't be pedigree.If you crossbreed rabbits as pets then that's okay too :)

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Q: Between which species you can crossbreed?
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Do guppies and mollies crossbreed?

No. They're different species so they can't crossbreed.

Can a bumble bee crossbreed with a honey bee?

No, but there are many species of honey bees that will crossbreed

Can a moose and horse crossbreed?

No, because they are two different species.

Can rats and mice crossbreed?

Some can. Many rodent species are similar.

Use the word crossbreed in a sentence?

Here are three sentences with the word 'crossbreed': "My dog is a crossbreed between two different breeds of dog." "It is common to crossbreed different breeds of cat now." "Some people believe that it is wrong to crossbreed hamsters."

What do they call a cross between a donkey and a mule?

That is not possible. A crossbreed between a donkey and a horse is a mule. However, because the donkey and the horse are two different species, the mule is infertile, meaning it cannot reproduce. Because it cannot reproduce, it cannot mate with a donkey, and as such a crossbreed cannot exist.

Is a donkey from a monkey and a horse?

No. A donkey is a separate equine species from horses, and not related at all to monkeys.A mule is a crossbreed between a male horse and a female donkey.

Can a sugar glider and a Wilson squirrel crossbreed?

No. The two animals are completely different. Sugar gliders are marsupials, and squirrels are placental mammals. It is impossible to crossbreed these two species.

What animal do you crossbreed to get a zebra?

Zebras are a specific species, not hybrids. You only get zebras from other zebras.

Do snakes crossbreed?

It does with other species of snakes but with other kind of animals, there isn't one yet.

Do birds crossbreed?

Sometimes related species will cross-breed to make hybrids. This is seen quite often with ducks.

What two animals crossbreed make a woolly mammoth?

None. The wooly mammoth is extinct. It was a separate, distinct species.

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