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Yes Chris Brown and Beyonce would make a good couple. They would make a cute couple.

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Will Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus make a good couple?

I think they would make a good couple

What is a good song about misunderstanding?

If I were a boy by Beyonce Mad by Ne-yo Halo by Beyonce Superhuman by Keri Hilson and Chris Brown Energy by Keri Hilson

Did Ashley Tisdale date Chris Brown?

No but they will look like a good couple

Is Lauren London and Chris Brown a good couple?

they act more like siblings rather than a couple.

Are Keri Hilson and Chris Brown a couple?

noo! There just really good friends (:

Is chris brown and rihanna a good match?

Yes they are such a cute couple they should be together forever.

What is a good tag name for Chris?

a good name for chris brown ischristphore brown Jr.

Isn't rihanna older than chris brown?

yes' but they sure make a good couple just don't hate congradulate....,.

Why is Chris Brown a good modern tragic hero?

because chris brown smashed rihanna

Why is Chris Brown hair blonde?

becaues he wont it to be that color still look good chris brown

How can you get Chris Brown to like your aunt?

You can get Chris Brown to like your aunt by telling him all the good things about your aunt.

What is so good about Chris Brown?

People that like Chris Brown say that he is a great singer, dancer, and actor.

How does Chris Brown look?

Chris Brown is tall, lightskinned, brown hair, and good looking. His teeth are nice and white. He's sexy.

Who's the best dancer in the world. Chris Brown or jaden smith?

actully jaden smith and chris brown they are good dancers but i think that jaden smith is 10 inches better than chris brown chris brown gay

Who is a better singer between usher and Chris Brown?

Usher is a way better singer but chris brown is a good dancer

What are good visual novel music URLs?

musicaatoa.net/chris-brown-side-piece/ Chris Brown - Side Piece

Is Chris Brown a very good guy?

Chris brown is a very good guy even though he hit Rihanna, he is still good and u r gonna have to forgive him sometimes.

Do you think Jordan sparks and Chris Brown will make a good match?

== NO i think they are a bad match . . . CHRIS BROWN SHOULD BE IN JAIL!!!==

Did Chris Brown and Rihanna get secretly engaged?

uh no he will never well at least he better not she is beautiful and all but no they dont make that good of a couple sorry ri-ri

Why did Chris Brown sing the song with you?

Chris Brown sang the song with you because he thought it was a great song to sing and it would be good for his album.

Is Chris Brown a 'straight A' student?

this is chris browns cuz,no,he wasnt a straigh A studen.i mean,he got real good grade As and Bs but i saw a couple of Cs Ds on his report card b4 LOL

What does Chris Brown do now?

He is still making good music.

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