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swallow, and the arctic tern, which makes a maximum migration of 81,600 kilometers

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Do emperor penguins migrate near north pole or south pole?


How do birds travel from south pole to north pole?

They fly.

What birds fly twice a year to north pole to south pole?

Arctic terns.

what Birds migrate from north to south pole and back?

One bird known for traveling from pole ot pole is the Arctic tern. It follows summer weather from Greenland to the shores of Antarctica, and it often pauses partway through its migration.

What is the name of the two far end poles of magnet?

North pole, and south pole.North pole, and south pole.North pole, and south pole.North pole, and south pole.

How do eider birds survive in the north pole?

In the artic, birds nest on rock faces and mainly eat arctic cod, they migrate south in the winter. Its the same in the antarctic so some birds keep migrating between the poles

How many miles is it from the south pole to the north pole?

It takes about 12,450.5 miles from the north pole to the south pole or south pole to north pole.

North pole and south pole represent what degrees latitude?

North Pole 90° North. South Pole 90° South.

Are the north and south poles on a magnet the same as the north and south pole?

No. The north pole on a magnet is the north-seeking pole. Thus the north pole of the earth is magnetically a south pole.

Why do continents migrate at North Pole?

There are no continents at the north pole . . . it's in the middle of the ocean.

Is North America closer to the south pole or north pole?

North america is closer to the north pole, whilst South america is closest to the south pole.

What you the latitude of the North pole and south pole?

The latitude at the north pole is 90° North. Thg elatitude at the south pole is 90° South.

What is opposite the south pole?

By definition, the north pole.On the other side of the earth from the South Pole is the North Pole.The North Pole.

Where is Arctic North pole or South pole?

the arctic is the north pole antarctica is the south pole :)

Is the Arctic North Pole or South Pole?

The Arctic is the North Pole. Antarctica is the South Pole.

Why is the North Pole and south pole so hot?

The North Pole and South Pole are both quite cold.

The North Pole is north of which island?

The north pole is north of everything that is south of it. So if you are south of the north you are in the south, if you are north of the south you are north.

What is the latitude of the north and south pole?

The South Pole is at 90 degrees S latitude. The North Pole is at 90 degrees N latitude.

Degree of North Pole to south pole?

There are 180°s from the North Pole to the South Pole.

What does every magnet have?

They have a North Magnetic Pole and a South Magnetic Pole.

Why do you name North Pole as North Pole and south pole as south pole?

How the earth is turned on its axis

How many types of BIRDS are in the north pole?

None its the north pole.

Where do the monarch butterflis migrate to?

south pole

Is the North Pole or the South Pole snowy?

north pole

How is the season on north pole and south pole?

in north pole