Blue doesn't absorb what color?

Updated: 5/21/2024
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Blue does not absorb blue light; rather, it reflects blue light, giving it its color.

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Q: Blue doesn't absorb what color?
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What color range does chlorophyll absorb light energy?

Blue and Red -Mastering Biology 4th edition

What light waves does a blue object reflect?

The wavelengths are corresponded to the color of the light. A blue object will reflect any light radiation expect the color blue. It will absorb the blue light.

Will the color green absorb more heat than the color blue?

it depends on what kind of blue and green like a baby blue no a yellow-green no if its like a normal blue and green i think blue.

What color wavelengths of light do plants primarily absorb?

Different plants absorb different colors. Even different parts of plants absorb different colors. The color you see the plant as is the color being reflected rather than absorbed by the plant.

Amount of fluid absorb by a sanitary napkin roughly?

It depends on the color - blue liquid will absorb at a disproportionate rate when compared to other substances.

Color of light absorb in the light reactions of photosynthesis?

Red and blue are absorbed, green is reflected.

What color of light is reflected by Xanthophylls?

Xanthophylls primarily absorb green-blue light.

What is Chris Crippin's favorite color?

doesnt have on he cant decide- he likes to wear blue though

Why is sea in color blue?

The ocean appears blue because water absorbs colors in the red part of the light spectrum, making the blue light that is reflected dominate our perception of its color. This is due to the way water molecules and particles in the water scatter and absorb sunlight.

Why are solar panels dark?

solar panels are in black and in dark blue color because they absorb more energy

Chlorophyll reflects which color of light?

carotenoids: absorb blue- violet chlorophyll: absorb red and also blue-violet reflect red-yellow reflect green

What makes blue pigments blue?

Substances, such a cobalt, absorb the color waves of light but refract the blue ones. The same applies to all visible colors regardless of the substance. The visible color is the light that is not absorbed thus refracted and detectable.