Body parts of an aircraft

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Q: Body parts of an aircraft
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What aircraft uses stringers as a part of a aircraft body?

Most aircraft use stringers as parts of the fuselage form.

Which metals are used for making the body of and aircraft?

Aluminium is used for most parts on most aircraft.

What are the Spitfire's body parts called?

Any aircraft's body parts are called the Fuselage,(main body) the wings and the tail section.

Did they ever find Amelia's body or plane?

They never found any bodies or parts of her aircraft.

How can differ a wide body aircraft from narrow body aircraft?

a narrow body aircraft have a single aisle while the wide body aircraft have two aisles.

How can military aircraft parts be purchased?

If you're looking for military aircraft parts, you can find them available for purchase on many different websites. Some sites that offer military aircraft parts are Military Aircraft Parts, DIMO Corporation, and Skylink.

What is an aircraft body?

The body of an aircraft or plane is called the fuselage.

What is the main body or body of an aircraft?

The main body of an aircraft is called the fusalage

Where can I purchase aircraft spare parts online?

There are quite a few sites that offer aircraft spare parts. After researching through a few of them, the link I provided has the best parts.

Where can I buy aircraft spare parts online?

You can find a wide array of websites that sell aircraft spare parts online. I found a website that has spare parts for several different aircraft models it is

White body aircraft?

You probably mean "wide body aircraft". See Wikipedia. [tty]

What properties should duralumin have so that it makes good aircraft parts?

It is strong and light weight. That makes it suitable for aircraft parts.

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