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yes body parts are affected by hiv/aids.

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HIV and AIDS can be prevented if you if you:Use condomsAbstane

No, but Aids does make your immune system weaker.

No. HIV is not AIDS (Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome). HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

No but make sure there are no aids hivs or any other dieasise first it will be most safe

Your wife needs to be on birth control and her HIV needs to be undetectable. Talk to your doctor or health care professional

A condom is a protection device commonly used during sexual intercourse to prevent people from falling pregnant and from spreading sexual transmitted infections such as AIDS/HIVs

You get it by unprotected sex, breastfeeding, or blood transfusions

Because you could get AID or HIV or Warts down there or you could get pregant . And AIDS HIVS and warts down there doesn't sound to great or wonderful to me I dont know about you but I think the answer is pretty clear on how awful all of that sounds

Its hairy skin of its bodyparts

Yes. You'll get a rash in your mouth

Nothing, but you could get STD's, HIV then AIDS. If you are lucky you could advoid STD's and HIVs. When sperm enters anus, nothing but it is possible that sperm can enter in your blood strem if the wall of the anus is cut or opened

he helped because he did thnx for the help..... not

By using your hands,head. fingers and your four arms

No they kill then drain out the poison in the bodyparts.

the most common cause of HIVs sharing needles and threw sexual activities.

Aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they have special bodyparts to let them store heat like human.

Aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids

dependent variable how? This variable is the result of the implementation of the independent variable.

The cancer from the blood can spread to other bodyparts for instance it spreads to the brain.

The future use of prosthetics to enhance a bodyparts natural function

Examples: vegetation, buldings, metallic structures, several animal species, soils, waters, etc.

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