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Q: Both petroleum and coal are made up of complex carbonbased molecules and both originated with living creatures of some kind Both are vital sources of energy for the modern world and both were forme?
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How and when was crude petroleum formed?

it was formed by sea plants and creatures

Do petroleum come from plankton?

petroleum comes from the remains of every living creatures that existed millions of years ago such as dinosaurs, the sea creatures and most likely ancient plankton also

Is petroleum jelly soluble in water?

Petroleum isn't a single product, but rather a range of substances. Many will float on water, but not all.

What is the most important type of intermolecular forces between fat molecules and petroleum ether molecules?

that would be dipole-dipole forces

What is the difference between paraffin oil and oil?

Paraffin oil is a derivative of petroleum. In solid forms, paraffin oil is a solid with 20-40 atom molecules. Petroleum is not a solid.

Are petroleum ether and water miscible?

Water is a polar molecule, components of petrol have nonpolar molecules.

The answers to pennfoster main idea exam?

Both petroleum and coal are made up of complex carbon-based molecules, and both originated with living creatures of some kind. Both are vital sources of energy for the modern world and both were formed by geologic processes over millions of years. However, petroleum was mainly formed from the remains of ocean-dwelling microorganisms. Coal, on the other hand, originated from decayed vegetation in ancient swamps and bogs. In any case, it took millions of years for both coal and oil to be produced. This is the case because it took that much time for overlying sediments to produce the unimaginable heat and pressure that would one day allow us to harvest these energy resources.

Will petroleum jelly conduct electricity?

No, it is a petroleum/wax/oil based compound. Electrons do not freely travel between molecules, in that, it's a dielectric. Similarly to the dielectric fluid in a transformer, petroleum jelly can be used as an insulator. It's thermal conduction isn't as good.

Why is petroleum used?

Petroleum is used for lubricants and also for plastics, But primarily its distilled fractions (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, bunker oil) are used as combustion fuels. The hydrocarbon molecules of petroleum fuels provide a high impulse-to-weight ratio, and are easy to transport and store compared to other types of energy.

Why is cracking used in crude oil or petroleum refinement?

In oil refining, cracking is the process of breaking large molecules into smaller molecules for which the refinery has more use, either as a product or as a feed stock to make something else.

What two types of atoms do petroleum molecules contain?

I will give you all three. Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon. Anything other than a hydrocarbon is a contaminant.

What is the polarity of wax paper?

wax paper itself is neutral. however the molecules are polar, just like water.