Bowser vs optimus prime?

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optimus prime will slash his face off and then body slam him. he will then punch bowsers dad and eat his poo bits

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Q: Bowser vs optimus prime?
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Optimus vs bowser?

Optimus doesn't fight bowser. Who told you that?

Who would win Mario vs bowser vs optimus prime vs 6 sharks vs 9999976332234599995433 giant octupuses?

the giant optupuses

Who would win leprechaun vs Jason vs optimus prime?

optimus prime

Who would win optimus prime vs Dr octopus?

optimus prime

Who would win Spider-Man vs Optimus Prime?

Optimus Prime.

Who would win optimus prime vs the fallen vs jazz?

optimus prime, because heros wins all the time.

Who would win a fight between optimus prime vs burning gundam?

Optimus Prime.

Who would win optimus prime and predator vs scorpion and leprechaun?

optimus prime and predator

Who would win silver surfur Vs optimus prime?

I think optimus prime should win.

Who would win bumblebee jazz and optimus prime vs starscream?

bumblebee jazz and optimus prime

Optimus prime vs all veersions of an ultrazord?


Superman vs optimus prime?

hard one but i think optimus....It's not a hard1 superman > optimus prime This s not a good matchup

Who wins King Kong vs Optimus Prime?

mabye King Kong or Optimus Prime because King Kong can throw Optimus Prime in the water and break him and win or Optimus Prime can use his swords to stab King Kong and win

Who would win Optimus Prime vs Shockwave?

Optimus Prime. Shockwave's pet (Driller) has already been killed by Optimus and that was Shockwaves best way of fighting.

Optimus prime vs Superman prime?

optimus prime...... Superman prime actually beats optimus prime, superman prime can survive a planetary explosion and a supernova what can optimus survive a nuke? And he's several times faster than the speed of light how fast s optimus p.? Superman prime due to being able to destroy universes.

Who would win ironman vs blackout vs bumblebee vs optimus prime?

optimus prime WRONG, Bumblebee would open up about a six pack of whoopass on them all, it'd take 5 minutes tops.

Who would win Rachet vs Optimus Prime vs Ironhide vs Bumblebee vs The Fallen vs Jazz vs Megatron vs Starscream vs Blackout vs Scorponok?

optimus Prime is stronger than Ratchet, Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Jazz. He already killed The Fallen before. He has never killed Megatron but he is still a little bit stronger than him. Optimus is stronger than Starscream. He has killed Blackout. Scorponok is AniCon so Optimus is stronger. So over all Optimus Prime wins Second I guess would be The Fallen Then Megatron Then Ironhide Then Ratchet Then Starscream Then Jazz Then Blackout Then Bumblebee And last Scorponok

Who would win megatron vs the fallen vs optimus prime vs Jason vs chucky vs candyman vs leatherface?

the fallen or.... ME!

Who would win optimus prime vs hulk?

Optimus Prime could outwit Hulk then procede to summon his almighty autobot forces to lay waste to the hulk

Who would win megatron vs the fallen vs optimus prime vs bumblebee vs jazz vs starscream vs blackout vs scorpion?

the fallen

Who would win King Kong vs optimus prime?

king kong would win.

Fullpower great ape mssj 5 goku ko ken x 300 vs g1 optmus prime?

goku in that form has the power of 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 suns optimus prime has the power of 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 suns optimus prime wins

Fire Mario and iron man vs optimus prime who wins?

obviouosly Mario and iron man because iron man could still beat optimus prime withor with out MarioSO THERE YA HAVE IT!

Who would win Superman and Spider-Man vs optimus prime and Jason?

superman and spiderman

Who would win in a fight between Hulk vs Optimus Prime?

i think it would be Incredible hulk