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Childs play 2

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Q: Boys tied to bed in movie?
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Do boys like to be tied up?

I do

What is the name of that horror movie where two guys enter an old house and find a person tied to a bed I think the guy tied to a bed had his eyes stitched over etc?

One film I can think of is Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman

In which movies Shannon tweed was tied to bed?


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Why do boys like being tied up?

because they do

What is the name of the movie where a woman is tied to a bed the entire movie?

That sounds like the Stephen King novel 'Gerald's Game', I believe there was a film of it too. ------------------- It could also be the film Deadgirl.

Should boys get in bed together?


What movie has Kathy Bates breaking some guys legs whos tied up in bed?

The movie is called 'Misery' and there is a link for more information below

Theseus defeated Procrustes?

a special bed on which he tied and tortured visitors.

Can a guy be tied to a bed and spank?

wow you got problems dude

Why do boys and girls hump on the bed?

To have a baby

Theseus defeated Procrustes who had done what?

a special bed on which he tied and tortured visitors.

What is the movie were the boy finds a monster under his bed later on in the movie the monster pees in another boys apple juice as a prank?

LIttle monsters starring Fred savage

Does any of the one direction boys wet the bed?


What things do you do to a guy if he wants to be tied up during sex?

tie him to the bed and just get it on

When is the most times boys want girls?

The most time boys want girls is in bed

Do girls wet the bed more than boys?


What is a loose garment worn in bed by boys and men?

It ispajamas

Where can you get the Disney movie don't look under the bed?

Under your bed

Should boys wear girls Pajamas on bed time?

If you are most comfortable at bed time in pajamas, then yes.

Was Catherine Zeta-Jones Tied Up in a Movie?


In what was Catherine Zeta-Jones Tied Up in a Movie?

a nightgown

How can get a girl you have a crush on like you?

Get naked in bed and like the boys stomach

Does Cinderella have a bed in the Disney classic movie?

Yes she sleeps in a bed in the attic.

Where are some places to be tied up to during sex?

To the bed, you can have them face down, face up , Spread Eagle Style , Blind folded, gagged, or have a Harness. Or like 69 Style, Doggie Style. Tied to the Pole. tied on or to the Floor.