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Sounds like the caliber on the drivers' side needs rebuilding.

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Why is your high mount brake light flashing?

It might have a system like the Blinking Smart Stop that flashes the third brake light to attract the attention of other drivers. It flashes six times before going on steady. If it keeps flashing then something in the system is bad.

How do drivers in formula one cars brake?

Formula one cars have a brake pedal, just like any other car. But the brake system as a whole is more powerful and a lot more finicky than what you'd find in a regular car, allowing a skilled driver to brake harder and later if needed.

Why is your brake light always on?

I don't exactly know what you mean by that, but I guess maybe because whenever you stop the car, the brake light comes on so other drivers know that car is on their brakes. I hope that helped a little ;)

Fuse box on 1996 Chevrolet silverado?

There are two fuse boxes. One is located on end of dash on drivers side, you need to open drivers door to see it. The other one is located under hood on drivers side, to the front and a little to the left of the master brake cyclinder...

Where is the brake fluid reservoir on a 1985 Mercedes Benz 380sl?

Should be in the drivers side rear of the engine compartment. Resovoir should be white. Likely at end of power brake diaphram...or following the lines from that large unit will lead you to it. Or go the other way, from any brake claiper backward along the brake fluid line to the canister!

Where is the 1994 mercury topaz fuse box?

If it is the same As all the other models, its up on the drivers side left corner, way up near the brake pedal.

What are five devices on your vehicle that will help you communicate with other drivers?

The horn, The signal lights, The brake lights, The back up lights, Flashing the high beam headlights,

Where is the brake light switch and how do you fix it when it gets stuck?

Brake light switches are usually attached somewhere on the lever of the brake pedal. When you depress the brake pedal this action in somw way activates the switch either by opening or closing a circuit. Because the lack of brake lights can cause some serious accidents, if your switch is "sticking" you should replace it immediately for your own safety and the safety of the other drivers in your community.

Impaired drivers are a to other drivers on the road?


What are impaired drivers to other drivers on the road?


A disadvantage of driving a motorcycle is what?

Motorcycles are less visible to other drivers than are cars. Less of a tire surface to brake effectively. Operator is not sheltered from the weather. Etc - Etc.

Where do you add brake fluid to a 78 Pontiac trans am?

on the drivers side in front of the brake booster the fluid reservoir has a wire clip holding the cover on put a screwdriver under the clip and pry it to one side or the other fill both cavities with fluid

What is the purpose of the brake equalizer valve?

It is used to equalizer the brake pressure from front to back. So that when you hit the brakes they all work at the same time and one does not grab before the other.

Impaired drivers are a what to other drivers on the road?

hazard danger

What is brake horsepower in hvac systems?

Brake horsepower is the hvac motor horsepower before the motor hp is dropped due to a load. Indicated, gross and SAE are other ways to rate horsepower.

How often does the system create restore points automatically?

Restore points are created before new device drivers, automatic updates, unsigned drivers, and some applications are installed. Or before you install new software or hardware or make other changes to the system.

A good defensive driver should do what?

look out for the actions of other drivers

Where is the brake fluid reservoir in 1973 super beetle?

For a 1973 Super Beetle the reservoir is located under the front hood on the drivers side. The two lines that exit the reservoir are for your dual master cylinder. One line fills the front and the other the rear brake lines.

A brake system warning light informs you?

That your emergency brake is on or that you are low on brake fluid or the brake pads are getting thin or some other brake malfunction

Should drivers be drunk?

No. It is not safe for them, their passengers, nor other drivers.

1992 dodge shadow solenoid location?

There is a starter solenoid on the side on the starter. There may also be a started relay on the drivers side shock tower. If there are two relays it is the one on the drivers side. The other one on the left (facing the front of the car)is anti lock brake relay.

Is brake an adjective?

No, it is a verb or a noun. But the noun is used as an adjunct with other nouns in terms such as brake shoe, brake pedal, and brake tag.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1992 s10 blazer 4.3 liter?

It should be found under the hood, on the drivers side, on the firewall, between the power brake booster and the drivers side fender. If there are two relays there it should be the one closer to the fender. The other relay is for the AC compressor clutch.

Do you need air brake endorsement to operate an RV?

Depends on where you're at. In the US, there is no such thing as an air brake endorsement - only a restriction for CDL drivers who don't both pass the written air brakes test and perform their road test in a vehicle so equipped. In other countries, there is such an endorsement.

What would a rubbing and grinding sound coming from my front tires right before I come to a complete stop and right after I release my foot from the brake not constant with every stop about ever other?

Brake pads are worn out=========Replace.