Break your leg

Updated: 11/12/2022
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Q: Break your leg
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How do you brack a leg?

There are many ways to break a leg. You can break a leg by falling down the stairs, or by being in a car accident. If you do break your leg, you will need to go to the hospital and have surgery.

What is the easiest bone to break in the leg?

Either of the tibia and fibula are the easiest to break in the leg.

What is the duration of Break a Leg sitcom?

The duration of Break a Leg - sitcom - is 1800.0 seconds.

How can you fake a broken leg?

either put a cast on or actually break your leg

How do you break your leg on the monkey bars?

you twist your leg

Can a snapping turtle break your leg?

No. The jaws are too small to encompass a human's leg to break the bone.

What does the term break a leg really mean?

In the theater," break a leg," is a well wish for a great show.

Is break-leg an onomatopoeia?

Depends if you hear it break or not

Is 'break a leg' a metaphor?


How do you say brake my leg in spanish?

*break my leg without knowing the subject is difficult to translate.You break my leg - Me rompes la piernaI break my leg - Me rompo la piernaThey break my leg - Me rompen la piernaYou (all) break my leg - Me rompéis la piernaBreak my leg as a command could beRómpeme la pierna - informal túRómpame la pierna - formal Ud.Rompedme la pierna - informal vosotrosRómpanme la pierna - formal Uds.

What actors and actresses appeared in Break a Leg - 2014?

The cast of Break a Leg - 2014 includes: Kate Korbel

Did Caitlin Beadles break her legs?

yes she did break her leg