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Brief explanation of what a cavity wall tie do?

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Simply put, a wall tie connects the inner and external walls of a cavity wall.

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What is the difference between cavity walls and composite walls?

cavity wall consist of two walls seperated by a corrosion resistant metal tie and an airspace

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What is a brick tie?

A Brick Tie is a corrigated piece of metal that nails to the outside of the frame wall and goes into the mortar joints of the brick or other masonary material. They hold the brick to the wall so they do not lean out as you work up.

How to tie new wooden wall to existing brick wall?

Just attach using screws through the new timber frame into plastic plugs in holes in the wall.

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How many studs in a wall that is 32' long 16 on center?

there would be 24 studs, but this does not include the bottom plate, top plate(s) or the necessary tie-in at the corners of the wall It's actually 25 studs, you need to add one for the end. This is providing you have no partitions, windows or doors in wall. And as mentioned above if you are going to tie-in to another wall or two you will need extra studs. You will also need 96' of plate material.

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How do you replace the copper piping going up to the second floor of your home that pass through an interior wall with plastic?

You will have to have or make an access hole in the wall on both ends of the copper pipe to cut it loose and pull it up {or down} out of the wall. When you pull it - tie a heavy wire or cable to it to tie to your plastic pipe to pull back through the wall. If it passes through stud braces it can get hairy and you may have to cut a hole there also to feed it through the stud. After you replace and hookup the plastic pipes you have to repair the walls.

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