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briefly discuss the concept of accounting information system


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* Cost accounting relies on financial accounting information (unbiased, support material) * both are concerned with responsibility or stewardship to the organization: financial accounting has responsibility to the whole company while cost accounting is concerned with responsibility for parts (costs and revenues) * Both require accounting information that must be relevant, timely, and accurate.

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Consistency is a concept used when applying accounting methods to a business, the business must continue to use that particular method. For an example if a company is charging depreciation using the straight line method, they must stick with the straight line method. According to this concept,whatever accounting practices(whether logical or not) are selected for a given category of transactions,they should be followed from one accounting period to another to achieve compatibility for example:if depreciation is charged according to a particular method it should be followed year after year for the purpose of comparision.

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Remuneration for land (a factor of production) is called rent.

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