Brown recluse spider with black lines and white lines on the butt?


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Don't mind if I do. (Yum.)

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The lines are brown on the black color. Most brindle dogs have black lines on brown color.

Black Widow Possibly, the red marking on it's back in streaks could represent a whole nother spider, but if the two lines are conjoined or even adjacent then it could be the Black Widow.

no spider can kill you What?! There are many spiders that CAN kill you! By the way, no, it most likely won't.

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St Andrews Cross Spiders are black with two yellow lines on its back. These spiders are web weavers. They are a low risk to humans and display non-aggressive behavior.

Golden Brown. Sometimes they have black lines around their ears. They can also be light orange mixed with light brown.

St Andrews Cross Spiders are black with two yellow lines on its back. These spiders are web weavers. They are a low risk to humans and display non-aggressive behavior.

Its the Yellow Garden Spider, or Argiope Aurantia. Harmless to humans, when it bites it leaves an sore and itchy bump. link... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argiope_aurantia

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they have 2 white lines on there head and a white dot on there beak. there head is rather black or brown. and a body of brown or black. they might have other marks but that's like a birth mark.

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