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Buddhism was brought to China by missionaries.

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Who brought Buddhism to china?

Indian merchants and teachers brought Buddhism to China

How did Buddhism come to China?

Missionaries from India came to China and brought Buddhism.

What country did Buddhism come to china from?

India was the country. It was brought from merchants that brought goods to china.

How was Buddhism introduced to China?

Buddhism was brought to china in the first A.D. by merchants and missionaries from IndiaBuddhism was first introduced in India. It was then carried over to China by merchants and travelers.

How did zen Buddhism happen?

Historically, when Buddhism was brought to ancient China it blended with Daoism to produce Zen Buddhism. .

What religion was brought to japan from chain?

Assuming you meant China, the religion that was brought over was primarily Buddhism, which, in turn, came from India. It was also heavily influenced by Korean forms of Buddhism.

What development in China is an example of cultural diffusion?

Buddhism, which originated in ndia, was brought to China around the 1st century A.D.

What were effects of the silk road?

The Silk Road brought trade from China to western Asia and Europe. Chinese arts, science and religion became known in these areas. Going eastward, the Road brought Buddhism from India to China. communication between India and China~ apexvs Spread of buddhism

Who was the founder of Buddhism in china?

The founder of Buddhism is Siddhartha Guatama in Northern India or Nepal. Buddhism was first brought to China from India by missionaries and traders along the Silk Road that connected China with Europe in the late Han Dynasty (202 BCE - 220 CE).

How did Gautama Buddha affect China?

He did not do anything to China!Answer:Buddhism (the result of the Buddha's teaching) was brought to China and from there to Japan and Korea. It influenced the thinking and philosophies of these countries.

What did indian traders bring to china?

they brought Hinduism I think, Buddhism I know and daoiam I also know.

Where did the Shinto religion take place?

Japan, but it was not named until Buddhism, Confucianism and Daoism were brought over from China.

What are the origins of Zen Buddhism?

Zen Buddhism started in China around the 6th century. It was supposedly brought over from India by a monk. Eventually, it was influenced by the Tao, which explains it's differences compared to the Indian schools of Buddhism.

Why did Buddhism decline in China?

The Tang emporer suppressed Buddhism to gain the wealth of the Buddhist monasteries. After this, Buddhism in China declined.

How did Buddhism spread within china from there when did it spread?

how did Buddhism preadc within china from there when did it spread

When was Buddhism brought?

It was brought 2,000 years ago

How did the arrival of Buddhism impact china?

The arrival of Buddhism impacted China by art, culture, and family

Why did Buddhism spread so rapidly through china?

Buddhism spread through China was undoubtedly hastened by the fact that many practices and beliefs of Buddhism are similar to Daoism, which was native to China. Zen or Ch'an Buddhism is best understood as a blending of Buddhism and Daoism. .

How did trade help Ancient China develop?

China traded the silk which came from worms, for goods that ranged from jewels, horses and linens. Along with the goods, ideas traveled to China. Buddhism was brought to China based upon the trade with India.

Who brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka?

Sri lanka is a Buddhist country. monque Mihindu brought Buddhism to sri lanka.

When did Buddhism arrive in China?

Buddhism arrived in China around 100 BC, during the Han Dynasty.

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