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How old should a bull terrier be when they get erect ears?

i don't know exactly, but my EBT's ears got fully errect at about seven months, you don't really notice until after they are nice and erect, lol. it's also about the time when people start getting afraid of him and start thinking he'll bite their legs off if they get too close, well, fo rme, anyway.

Is a staffordshire bull terrie classed as a dangerous dog?

No their very loving if your looking for a Stafford shire bull terrier to be a guard dog you got the wrong dog.

Do American pit bull terrier jaws lock?

No they dont i got bite by a pitbull and i jus yank my hand out

Why does my akc bull terrier have spots I get a lot of crap about it when you walk him?

He's got alergies mine does too I have a pure white english bull terrier and she has dry ears and spots on her legs. Its an alergic reaction to either his diet or pollen, pollen being the most common & the reason for my bullies spots :( P.s I suggest a vet for steriods or pyraton(alergy meds ask your vet which one to use first!

How old does a male bull terrier got to be to breed?

about three years, i think, different breeders say different things

What should a 9 month old English bull terrier weigh?

35-50 lbs. depending on sex or if you got a runt.

Could a pit bull got the same biting force as an English bull terrier?

I dont want to get into it with all the pit bull owners but two vets now have told me that bull terriers have more bite force than pit bulls. This topic only came about as I lived in a country where an english bull terrier (and pit bulls ) were considered a potentially dangerous dog and you had to get a liscence to own one. I dont really give a fu ck because as a dog owner I go for character rather then how hard my dog can bite. And they did try to fight bull terriers againts pit bulls years ago but the bull terrier was no good in the pit as it lacked the killer instinct. And I own a bull terrier and have to say that they are the best breed of dog that I have ever owned as they are sooo loving and foolish. They make you laugh so much and are excellent with kids. Peace

Why does a Staffordshire bull terrier got patches of fur missing?

It could be that the dog has sensitive or itchy skin and therefore is biting or scratching at the skin so that there are patches of skin missing.

Do foxes have ears?

yes thay got ears

What is a bordreaux pit bull?

I believe you are asking what is a Boudreaux American Pitbull Terrier. The Boudreaux APBT is a bloodline of this breed, It got it's name from the man who bred this high quality line of dogs.

How many litters is best for a Staffordshire bull terrier?

They shouldn't have more than 4 or 5 litters, depending on how healthy and strong the dog is, as well as at what age the dog got her first litter.

How old was Joey King when she got her ears pierced?

She was around eight when she got her ears pierced!

You want Yorkshire terrier puppy but ready got border terrier dog you there get on?

it depends on the behavior of the dogs

How can grasshoppers hear stuff if they haven't got ears?

Actually they have got ears! They are on the knees. Weird, huh?

Did Justin Bieber Have His Ears Pierced?

Yes he has got his ears pierced he got them done a long time ago

As will smith got a big penis?

Yeah his is 10 inches erect.

How old was Debby Ryan when she got her ears pierced?

Debby Ryan was 7 year's old when she got her ears pierced

What kind of pit bull is the target pit bull?

The Target dog is a Bull Terrier. Ignore other users who would forewarn you of the bully breeds, such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. To blame an entire breed on a few bad owners who cannot control or train their dogs is just like saying all African Americans are criminals, and all Hispanics are lazy.. it's just plain racism! A pit bull is actually less likely to bite than many popular breeds, such as the Golden Retriever, Bichon Frise, etc. ( -Animal Control Officer, Delaware Animal Care and Control American Pit bull terr.Also the staffishire is on the list .But beware of the onwer of all bulldog breeds. That's the problem. The Target "Pit bull" Is not a pit bull at all, it is called an "English Bull terrier" or "Bull terrier" I don't see (not being offensive) how the answer above really answers it, but... Its what they said. But I do agree, it is the owner not the dog itself, they are bred to please and if someone says go get them, They go get them, if they say Fight and kill that dog They will try their damnedest to Kill tha dog. Also to the person who said "beware of the onwer of all bulldog breeds" you're on the right track, but you've still got it wrong. True, a bad dog is made by a bad owner. But to say all pit bull owners are bad is just as ludacris as saying all pit bulls are bad. I'm a mid-20s white woman with a college education and a career. I'm the epitome of middle class. And I own a pit bull. I don't have a criminal record, nor do I ever plan to. I just met a dog who stole my heart, so I took her home. Good people can own pit bulls, too.

Why have eagles got ears?

To hear with.

Have spiders got ears?

no they dont

Who is got big ears?

Paddy has

Why do your German shepherds ears hang?

all dogs ears hang, the ones with pointy ears got the ears cut tht way. most get their ears cut when puppies

How much should you pay for a bull terrier?

they are not cheap as they are a very stubborn breed and hard to train, but i got mine for £750(at 6weeks old), and I've seen others for sale for up to (and over) £800 be sure to get him as a puppy, though.

How old was Taylor swift when she got her ears pierced?

She haven'r pierced her ears either.

What is the taxonomy for a pitbull?

The pit bull ( American pit bull terrier ) is very much related to the American staffordshire terrier, staffordshire terrier and much to the bull terrier. The later three were bred out of the pit bull in later years. Long ago in England medium size mastiffs from Germany more tenacious than the pit bull today were made to fight in a pit against other dogs and bulls for sport and money. These mastiffs were to big to handle, so they bred them to terriers. When the pit bull got to America the fighting sport remained very strong for a long time. Dog fighting is now illegal in the united states. Pit bulls are not normally good guard dogs and especially not good watch dogs, though the ones who are good guard dogs have nerves tuffer than nails. Pound per pound thare jaw strength is just under the rottweiler. They mature faster than the guard dog breeds. They are a loaded gun and are not safe around children. They are also escape artist.