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All you have to do is put your CD in the computer, the computer will notice the CD, ask if you want to listen, and in the top left corner, there will be a option saying to copy the misic in the computer, and there you are !

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Q: Burning a CD
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What is burning Cd's?

Burning a CD is recording data onto a CD.

What is burning of CD?

Burning of a CD means that you laser write data onto the silver surface of the CD.

What is a CD R?

its a type of burning cd

What is some reliable cd burning software?

There are many options for reliable CD burning software. Nero and CNET are both companies with a good reputation for their CD and DVD burning software.

How do you convert audio to CD?

You need a CD-burning software.

How do you watch a CD on computer without burning the CD?


How do you name a CD?

You name a CD when you are burning it. There is usually an option in the software that you are using to name the CD. The default is usually the date and time in a certain format of when you finished burning the CD.

How to pass music to a CD?

by burning it

Is burning a CD the same as copying a CD?

Yes ,it is the same thing

Is burning CD's illegle?

No, you can burn them to take songs to make a new CD.

Lg CD burning software free downloding?

needcd burning software

Is CD burning legal?

No. This is piracy, and it is illegal.

Is the xbox capable of burning CD's?


Does CD burning use actual fire?


Where can someone find free CD burning software?

Many computers now come with CD burning software. However, online, one would find free CD burning software at Realplay, Sourceforge, or Freeware files.

Where can you download the Nero CD Burning software on your computer?

Nero CD burning software is available for download(trial) or buying ar

What is the ship CD?

The ship CD option means that the CD will be shipped to you, rather than you downloading the files and burning your own CD.

How do you clear a CD-RW CD?

Go to your burning software and click clear disc

Where do you get CD burning software?

You will get a good, free CD burner software on the following link

Does burning a CD erase the music from your computer?

No, it does not. It simply copies the music onto your CD.

What is the difference between copying photos to a CD and burning photos to a CD?

i ain't know

Where could one get free CD burning software online?

You can get free CD burning software online at sites such as CNET and Softpedia, by looking at the Free Software sections. Examples of free CD Burning Software Agents include Nero 7.

What is the difference between writing a CD and burning a CD?

None. "Burning" is a slang term for writing to a CD. It stems from the fact that writing uses a powerful laser to selectively heat areas of a CD.

What is Nero 7?

Nero is a CD Burning Software.

Is there a difference between burning a disc and making a CD?